I’ve written slugs of news for, occasional bits for Borderline and Tripwire magazines, Downthetubes, Forbidden Planet International, I’ve also written a fair bit for a website Paddy Brown and Hilary Lawler contribute to. The rest of my work has been with Alltern8  and Comics Village, both gone dodo.

alltern8 comicking
My six-a-month was published at which had it’s plug pulled in October, 2012. I had a great time there and put in some great work under brilliant sub-editor Kelly Rowles, with Andy Coley and Alex Agricola managing.

What is Comics Barcamp? A Gain. (30 August 2011) (Currently unavailable)
Absence – a comic about epilepsy (9 May 2011)
Part 3: To The Point and Black Panel Tour (25 June 2010)
Part 2D: Derry Comics Festival, The Black Panel Tour (20 June 2010)
Part 1: Black Panel Tour (11 June 2010)
Dublin’s New Cultural Venue Launches With Grassroots Comics Festival (2 June 2010)
Britain’s Premier Comics Awards Initiates Facelift  (29 May 2010)
2D: Northern Ireland’s Festival of Comics(18 May 2010)
Market Matter: Black Panel Phil Barrett (8 May 2010)
Comics and Cartooning: UK Election 2010 (3 May 2010)
Publisher Tom Humberstone – Launching Solipsistic Pop #2 (1 May 2010)
Comics That Moved Me: Third World War (1 May 2010)
Comicking (News Tidbits) (23 April 2010)
South Park – 200 And Won! (23 April 2010)
Ralph Kidson on Working With Daleks and Animals (14 April 2010)
Scroobius Pip – Poetry in (e)motion(13 April 2010)
War and Art – The Human Cost (8 April 2010)
Alltern8’s Foray into Digital Distribution: i-Dream (7 April 2010)
An Interview with Lara Phillips, Creator of Ministry (31 March 2010)
Comicking Extra (31 March 2010)
Comicking, 30 March 2010
Why They Fear These Evil Games: Titchmarsh on ITV (23 March 2010)
With Leonard Rifas Pt.2: Maps and Webcomics and Cyberactivism (22 March 2010)
With Leonard Rifas. Pt.1: Korean War Comics, Second Life and Climate Change  (19 March)
David Baillie – Paris, Colchester and Where You Are Sitting Now (12 March 2010)
Comics That Moved Me: Barefoot Gen (3 March 2010)
Comicking (1 March 2010)
The Black Panel Diaries (16 February 2010)
Comics Pub Meets: Northern England (11 February 2010)
Comics Pub Meets: Southern England (11 February 2010)
Comics Pub Meets: Ireland (11 Feb 2010)
Comics Pub Meets: Scotland and Wales (11 February 2010)
Don’t Get Lost Making A Graphic Novel (2 February 2010)
Inside The Illustration Cupboard (London Venue) (22 January 2010)
Comicking: The January Ashcans (13 January 2010)
Comicking: Necessary Monsters Collection (12 January 2010)
Comparing Manga and Britcomics festivals: social community and exhibition (5 Jan 2010)
BluePrint for a Revitalised Comics Awards Ceremony (16 December 2009)
Never Mind The X-Men, Its X-Mas! (12 December 2009)
Comicking: Small Faire (9 December 2009)



(My first regular column ran weekly during 2008, as part of two “series”, documenting a very punk year in the British Indy comics scene. My editors at Comics Village were Glenn Carter and Craig Johnston, with Angela Carter designing the logo we used. Early on it became clear the column had a set focus: “My columns are concerned with four aspects surrounding comics – social community, economic factors, festival and exhibition coverage and modes of distribution.”

Series 2

Caption Festival: Away with the Fairies (2009)
Sheridan Cottage Special: The Coroners and Justice Bill (15 March, 2009)
Updates (12 October 2008)
23 Things About Running Comics Arts Collectives in Public Galleries (5 October, 2008)
B.I.C.S and Community Collaboration: The Shane Chebsey Deal pt.2 (29 September, 2008)
Car Boots and International Shows – The Shane Chebsey Deal: pt.1 (22 September, 2008)
Felt Tip Market – Dealing Indy Comix To The Oxford Public Without Doors (14 Sept 2008)
State of the Union (15 August, 2008)
Ink Blur: Dan Lester, Speed Lined Cartoonist and his 24 hour comics. (6 August, 2008)

Series 1

The Geeks Have Inherited – Comics, Who Cares? (14 June, 2008)
Notes on Content -A Brief Conversation with John Robbins on The Grassy Knoll  (28 April 2008)
No Barcodes Comics Market / Mike Allwood, and Comics Village at the Bristol Expo (21 April, 2008)
Down the pub with Igor Guinness: Mini-Comics in Pubs (14 April, 2008)
Grow Your Own Comics Festival (6 Apr, 2008)
The Reviewers Trade Principle / Were you must not DIY (30 March, 2008)
Maps At The Crossroads Part 2 – Boycott and Boundless (16 March, 2008)
Maps At The Crossroads Part 1 – UK Small Pressers on Strike, Really? (9 March, 2008)
The Big Interview  with Chief Organiser of UK Web & Mini-Comics Thing (2 March, 2008)
Well of course it’s not all comic shops ! (24 February 2008)
Verbose Reviewers are the Creator’s Nightmare (10 February 2008)
When We Conquered Camden: The Rise of London Underground Comics (3 February 2008)
King of Comics: Celebrity and Revolution (27 January 2008)
Comics Expos and Distribution on A Budget (September 5th, 2006)
The Visibility War – Part One : Comics 2001, A Call To Victory (2001)