NewsZoom (2012)

Between 2nd February and 15th March, twice weekly editions of an A3 comics-sheet taking the day’s news stories. Why not revisit the glorious days of ACTA protests, the Leveson enquiry, the A4e and Workfare scandal and front-line reporting of Occupy Belfast’s liberation of the old city stock exchange? All editions are collected at the NewsZoom site and best read by maximising your view with CTRL & +

13 x large 1-2 page editions

Hold The Phones, It’s Alex Jones! (2010-2012)

WE ALL LIVE IN A COMIC BOOK! Follow the father of Truth Conspiracy as he travels in time through American history, faces vaccination and innoculation, resists the attempts of big media to hypnotise his kids and join him. See him advertise water filters and gold seeds, fight enemies foreign and domestic. Witness his trip with his peers across seven continents. A bumper 44 pages of conspiracy action! Co-created with Professor Octagon, also featuring work from Benjamin STone, Geoffrey D. Wessel, Adam Lively, and Sean Duffield.

14 preview pages online and the rest for £1 digital and £4 print & P&P


Making Comics Barcamp Belfast Comics (2011)

In order to explain the concept of a barcamp I created twelve pages of thumbnail comics in a twelve-hour session. The work is divided into three parts:

1: Fantasy Football League

2: What it looks like

3: The Bottom Line

The Comics Barcamp experiment is archived here. 

Absence (2011)

Based on my experiences over 30 years adapting to a life with epilepsies: puberty, first jobs, college and “sorting it out”. Beautifully drawn by the mercurial Stephen Downey, and provincially distributed to over 13,000 readers with funding from the UnLtd Millennium Award Scheme. You can read it online for free at the website. The strip was also adapted with some care for Apple and the HTML5 flash browser by

20 pages

with Stephen Downey

Don’t Get Lost: a 24 Hour Comic (2010)

My third tenty-four hour comic. This comic deals with themes of sexual abuse and may contain triggers that could be upsetting. I am extremely grateful to Catalyst Arts and the Belfast 24hour cartoonists for providing a safe and nurturing space to explore this dark matter and see it through to daylight.

24 pages

Absence (2010) 

Before Stephen Downey gave his magic touch to it, Absence was a 24 hour comic drawn by myself in black and white at A5. The web and photocopied version attracted about 500 readers. The extra pages discuss the liberation in identifying mental neurosis, and the health concerns in making 24 hour comics.

24 pages

Andy Luke’s Christmas Pantomime 2008

Louis Walsh must go to market to sell a cow for his nasty step-mother Ross Kemp. But with a mob war threatened between the TV chefs and chat show hosts, Mark Thomas, Patti Smith and Snake-Eyes must come up with a plan to save Christmas.

4 pages

The Fiend In Five Dimensions (2008)

The Fiend in Five Dimensions

Life Behind Bars (2008)

The MCR group take to fumetti (photocomics), Springtime and Portmerion aka that place from The Prisoner. The Village is host to a true love tale of crime and punishment, which appeared in short-form in The Girly Comic.

Read online at Jinty’s Flickrstream. Approx. 24 pages.

Hellspoon (2007)


Gran: a 24hr comic (2007)

My first 24 hour comic – a meditation on life, death and the afterlife. A tribute to my grandmother, Eileen Lucas, who passed away days before I began the work. Eileen Lucas was a long-time resident of the Holywood Arches in East Belfast and a living spirit of festivity and care.

The comic is available to download at the Internet Archive.24 pages (PDF)

Understanding Society: Transformations (2007)

Part 2 of a Sociology exam cram comic looking at Fordism and industrialisation, production, labour and the globalised economy. Please treat this comic as academic dessert; that is, do not rely on it in an exam situation.

8 pages

The Sociology of Health and Illness (2007)

Part 1 of a 2 part Sociology exam cram comic made part-time over three days. This looks at the economic and societal status of the body, the medicalisation debate, the work of Ivan Illich and doctor-made illnesses. Please treat this comic as academic snack; that is, do not rely on it in an exam situation.

11 pages

with Stephen Downey

Andrew Luke’s Comic Book #6 (2007)

Early experiments in Politicomics – in this Cartoonist Voice Quest! Conspiracy theory and fact, sci-fi campaigning and action western!

20 pages (PDF)

with Stephen Downey

Andrew Luke’s Comic Book #5 (2007)

All Transformers SpecialThey look like transformers, robots in disguise, but really they change into bad-tempered maladjusted consumers, under-age drinkers and troublesome classicists. Cover-to-cover toilet humour for the machine age!20 pages (PDF)

Twelve Go Nuts In Gloucester (2006)

Comixer’s Retreats Comics (2006-2008)Bung a pack of comix creators in a holiday location, ply them with art tools, good food and booze, and these are the results. Collaborative efforts with Debra Boyask, Motodraconis, Lee Kennedy, Jinty, Jeremy and Tim Day, Terry Wiley, Jackfirecat, Alan the Rambler, Daniel Hartwell, Deirdre Ruane, Jenny Linn-Cole, Jason Elvis and Damien Cugley.Hosted by Factor Fiction Press and Jinty’s Flickrstream.24-32 pages each.

Table Cell

Jeremy Kyle Vs The Neocons (2006)

A deux ex machina event infects the head of Jeremy Kyle, trouble is let loose on the chat show host’s stage and his guests – an Iraqi refugee and the infamous Donald Rumsfeld.8 pages (PDF)

Andy Luke’s Christmas Pantomime (2005)

Santa is assaulted by Westlife and Arnie Schwarznazi. It is up to Robin Hood (played by autobot Jazz) to assemble his band of merry peeps to take down their new world order. Guest starring Patrick Stewart Airwolf, and Frank Carson.4 pages

with Stephen Downey

Star Wars: Revenge of the Cantina (2004)

As Revenge of the Sith prepares to cinema screen, Anakin Skywalker throws away his predictable fate as a dark lord to embark on an inter-galatic road trip as part of a skittle band. Therein lies an odyssey of unfortunate sex, vomit, bouncers in white, and a lesson from the future delivered by a deranged oul fella.

20 pages

with Stephen Downey
Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell
Table Cell Table Cell


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