It’s 2011 and the people of Belfast, Northern Ireland stand up to Austerity as part of a global protest movement, with camping. As they pitch their tents in the sleepy Cathedral Quarter, visitors congregate. Celebrities. Trolls. Activists with lofty ambitions. Though small in profile they give food, homes, training and social support. They become family amid the mud, snow, insomnia and paranoia, against the dying of the light.

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Read the original 24 hour comic version of chapters 7-8, Occupied: The Spook
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Listen to Tommy Sands visit to the camp, which formed the basis of chapter 18

EXTRACT: The Illuminati Man

EXTRACT: Chapter 24- Tuition Fees

Andy reads chapters 1-3 and SasCon 2022 presentation: Occupied with Comedic Prose

‘Great concept and very well written, so rhymeful of the times, the idealism, the madness, the sincerity as well as the relevance and importance of the movement then and for the future… a very worthy project and the humour is a serious part of it.’ – Tommy Sands

‘It’s no mean authorial feat, then, to have the Occupy Belfast of this M*A*S*H-like concoction manage itself into a counter-cultural ghetto and still succeed in evoking the spirit that sustained the Occupy movement and inspired so many to ‘think global, act local’. – John Robbins

‘…a sense of humor woven into every page and a breadcrumb trail up to some very satisfying punchlines. Given that it’s based on trued events, the research that must have gone into gathering all these different memories, break-ups and make-ups, is thoroughly impressive. Well worth your time.’ – Peter Drysdale

‘The dialogue is dynamite and the piece is very absorbing… quite complex and cerebral, thoroughly enjoyed this.’ – Chris McCoy

‘Occupied isn’t my usual kind of reading material. I approached the book with very little knowledge about the politics which inspired it or the passion behind the movement. Upon beginning to read I encountered a myriad of characters and skillfully written dialogue that drew me into the world’ – Chris McAuley

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