My name is Andy. I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I’m a writer who draws. I create stories for your eyes. I write about the media, conspiracy, history, life, and health; education and entertainment (edutainment)

My current novel is Occupied, a story of Irish resistance with loads of humour There’s details at the top of this page.

My first novel, Axel America and the U.S. Election Race, predicted the rise of President Trump on the back fake news. Otherwise, it’s very funny stuff.

To read the comics I’ve drawn a lot of comics: stories of pop cult panto, conspiracy theory, nights on the town and a time travelling grandmother. For those, you want this click.

I’ve written a lot about about comics and the marvellous science magicians who make them: click here.

Learn more about me in this comic form interview

Photo by Selina Lock

Being a social media bod I pop up all over the web. Here are some of my usual places.

Patreon – awesome (on pause)

Facebook – often

Twitter – concise

LinkedIn – skilled

My Livejournal – archival

Irish Comics Wiki – a lot


Absence – A comic about my life experiences with epilepsy, skillfully presented by Stephen Downey. The most popular thing we’ve done to date with nearly 25,000 reads.

The Invisible Artist – a documentary on the Belfast Comix Movement, hosted by myself. Made by Northern Visions TV, produced by Carl Boyle and researched by Paddy Brown. First screened in 2011 and still in public broadcast syndication as of 2022.

To End All Wars: A Graphic Anthology of the Great War – I’ve ten pages this Soaring Penguin book which was nominated for TWO of the coveted Eisner Awards in 2014 A magnificent book.