Watch Thief

The Watch Thief is Quantum Leap sliced and grated against James Bond, mixed with a bowl of chilli on the head of Forrest Gump.

A novel based on the true story of Trebitsch Lincoln, a tragic comedy, ambitiously set across fourteen countries and forty years. It’s a crossroads of checkpoints for major icons and world events and a man surviving the game of life, time and time again.

Serialized weekly for free here at and for a small fee at where there’s bonus features galore: commentaries, photo archives, commissioned art, videos, comic books, poetry and prose!

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Series 3 – Chapter 27 – 32

Series 4 Chapter 33 – 41

Series 5 Chapter 42 – 49

“I used to get upset just like you when I read such books. It’s only fiction. As the years went by, I came to see that there are no heroes in real life. Now I take things calmly.”

– From Eugene Onegin, Alexander Pushkin (1825-1832)