ComicBooks and TV (in the 90s)

the small press

Creative Writers Network (1997) was my first published piece of writing , an opportunity offered me by Rhoda Watson (pictured below), when she mentored me for a few weeks in 1997. At that time, I’d not been writing at all for four years.

creative writers networkcomics internationaltripwire

Within the year my confidence had returned to the point were I felt I could submit a piece to Comics International’s Comment. Cringeworthy reading,

following an animated lead

This Flash-forward a few years to a meeting with Joel Meadows at Caption. Joel had seen my work on TRS2 and was keen that I write a regular column for Tripwire magazine. The offer took me quite by surprise and I wasn’t really prepared for it, but maybe I turned a reader on here or there.


The Alan Moore interview featured above can be found in the 21st anniversary Tripwire Magazine paperback, along with chats to Morrison, Mignola, Robinson, Quitely and others.

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