Comic Capers – New Humour Anthology

It’s been a hard week at House Luke including an untrustworthy story collaborator, a duplicitous publisher, extreme fatigue and a harassing receivership agency. The fatigue is something I’ve suffered with since my 20s, and may be related to my epilepsies or my habit of night shift work. Sometimes it manifests in 15 hour sleeps, 24 hours or two whole days. When people say “you must have needed that sleep”, I tend to have good reason to snarl. It is a humorous and affectionately meant remark, so I don’t.

I missed Tuesday and either side, so was a bit late for Comic Capers, the anthology to link in with celebrating the Black Box’s small comics convention on Sunday. [BellyLaughs] [Black Box Belfast] [Facebook]

01 Comic Capers

The anthology was solicited by Paddy Brown, and I volunteered to take over as editor when the worload was annoying Mr. Brown. We’ve got a fairly good package. It’s twenty pages featuring the skills of Davy Francis (above), Stephen Patterson, John Robbins, Paul H. Tubb, myself, Dek Baker, Paddy, Alan Nolan and that rapscallion Danny Pongo.

The A4 collection costs £2.50 with proceeds going to Action Cancer. We’ll be up for selling via mail order too if you’re willing.

 Sometimes stuff works out. I went at editing the collection on an all-nighter and feel much better that it’s all made up. Well done to all involved. 

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