Press Gang – The School Edition (Part 1)

New Podcast!

Comedy-drama Press Gang was widely hailed as one of the best YA telly series ever, attracting critical acclaim and industry awards. As well as featuring some of the best names in the business it launched a dozen careers including those of Stephen Moffat, Julia Sawalha, Dexter Fletcher, Lee Ross, Paul Reynolds, Gabrielle Anwar and Lucy Benjamin.

Occupied author Andy Luke’s feature presentation includes character studies and reviews of ten episodes from Series 1-2. You’ll also hear from roving reporters Ian Lawther, author Tristan Shephard and comics artists Simon Hodgkiss-Rogers and Peter Bangs.

Listen everywhere! (But here’s the Anchor.Fm Link!)

[Podcast] The Lost Light – A Socio Sci-Fi Magnum Opus feat. Transformers

In which we celebrate two anniversaries of James Roberts game-changing Lost Light stories: a hard SF epic of post-conflict rehabilitation and redemption, romance and loss, identity, gender, labour, philosophy, crime and punishment; but mostly relationships, all told with wit and poignancy and Transformers.

Occupied author and host Andy Luke talks about his favourite storylines and characters. A reader’s cherry is broken as Simon Hodgkiss-Rodgers extols the virtues of the story’s ease of access and freshness and Ciaran Flanagan talks musical direction. There’s also an exclusive update from James towards the end, so look out for that!

Occupied Launch Party

This Friday, 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Streamed live over

Celebrating the launch of Occupied, and 10 years of the Occupy movement with author Andy Luke, editor/host Claire Burn and special guest, ‘Greenpeace John’ Wright.

Restricted numbers because Covid for the in-person event, so please only if you’re quite real about going, book here:

Occupied is available from Amazon at https:/

Winter 2021 update

Well, this blog has gotten biannual? Everything I make goes up on Patreon nowadays. I give it all there, and I usually don’t know what to say here.

The big news is my first poetry collection, Chaos Magic, has just come out in paperback. The ebook release is Feb 27th. It has 40 poems collected over 10 years: memoir, pop culture, politics, surrealism… the cover photography is by @luckgalindo with typography and back cover by John Robbins.

Chaos Magic launches at the free Scribes and Scribblers Con on Discord, 27-28 Feb. The coming event has presentations on writing mental health, creating a relationship with readers, and writing deaf characters. I’ll be presenting on breaking into comics, (with everything I’ve learned in 20 years in there), talking about sociological narratives and writing politics, and giving a reading in a ‘Meet the Writer’ session. You can get into the event with a click of this link: and find out more at


The podcast is up to seven episodes now. I’ve had a lot of great stuff: reviews of Joss Whedon’s work long before it’s fashionable; a dip into the supernatural pantomime that is Baywatch Nights, an interview with Belfast church tourer Bronagh Lawson, and this weekend, a deep look at Channel 4’s Teachers series, feat. a younger Andrew Lincoln. You can look those up on my Spreaker page.

Speaking of Baywatch Nights, two of my short fictions were read on a recent episode of ‘Evenings with Mitch Buchannon’, the show devoted to the so-bad-its-good series. Give them some love at their Anchor pages.—Mitch-Vs-Valentines-Day–Listener-Episode-Pitches-eqeafe

I’m also doing some work as assistant editor of The Runabout, the leading Star Trek zine for the fan community in the UK and Ireland. Some of my arts contribute to the latest issue which you can see at

Meanwhile over at Patreon there’s a few sample chapters from my next big thing, Occupied, a story of Occupy Belfast; there’s poems, music reviews, and comics, like the silly ones I created from the works of Gearóid P. Mannion. I’ve put those below. If yer wondering where I’ve got to, I usually pop up in one of these places:

Amazon-Author / Twitter / Facebook / Spotify / Instagram

Cheers, from Andy!

Celebrating 15 Years Of It’s Always Sunny


In these trying times I think we all need a good laugh and maybe an egg. You know something to raise our spirits, maybe you might want to throw this metaphorical egg away and get yourself some Schadenfreude. If that is the case then maybe you are a fan of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. If that is the case then you will want to check out the first ever episode of The Drew and Look Podcast. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE PODCAST PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Not only is this the first ever episode of the Podcast but it is also the 15 anniversary of It’s Always Sunny. So sit back and relax as Andy Luke takes you on a trip down memory lane as he discusses the show and how it has personally impacted him. 

The Drew and Look Podcast is a semi-monthly show about writing in Tv…

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Good day you and you. I have updates. June didn’t feel so busy, but apparently, well… Most shorts and poems are in publisher’s slush piles, waiting to be noticed like tidal waves. The first three chapters of Occupied were sent out to a dozen agents. Big Finish got my pitch and excerpt for the Doctor Who Short Trips audio. They offer an opportunity to a newb every June as part of the Paul Spragg Memorial Award. I’ll soon be editing a short tale callled ‘The Apology’, which features a Doctor-esque character. I’ve commissioned illustrator Jenika Ioffreda (Vampire Free Style) to draw a special place-holder image to go with it. Patreon readers can see some of her concept sketches at

There’s a final script into Phoebe Xavier, the editor of Sidereal Apogee at 123Go! Comics. ‘The Sugar Skull Shoot-Out’ is a hard-boiled western, drawn by the versatile talent Jorge Luis Gabotto. You should drift from here over to Jorge’s Instagram. Patron at Patreon Sinead Mannion gifted me a copy of The Long-Lost Short Stories, written by her late brother Gearoid. 

Sinead and I are hoping a few of Gearoid’s stories can be adapted to comic strip form. In the meantime,The Long-Lost Short Stories is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited at this location. 

Later this month, I’ve some great stuff coming up on Patreon. Two variant scripts and outlines from an un-developed comic: S.P.I.D.E. features the return of Dan and Ape as they get their hands on some hi-tech in 2000AD-esque thrills. There’ll be more poetry, beginning with ‘The Verging‘. My telly writing podcast makes it’s debut early in August through Patreon and our friends at Nerdgeist.

I’m tempted to run another video-cast of readings, this time as a fundraiser, after seeing Wee Gamers’ Andy Brown’s twelve-hour model build and paint session. One thing at a time though.

Wishing you a great weekend. 


Goodbye Titancon, I’m free.

It is with great sadness I am publicly withdrawing my support for the Belfast SF event, Titancon. I’d been a fixture there since the first in 2011, appearing as a headline guest with Absence and The Magnificent One Day Comics Factory; making financial plans and promotions in the 2013-2014 committee, putting together comics creators who’d drawn Irish Myth: Will Simpson, Paddy Brown and Paul Bolger, teaching people how to self-publish…

Seven great years of workshops, panels, blogging, flyering, readings, camaraderie and making ends meet in Titancon. Then, sadly, in the eighth year with a new committee hosting Eurocon, I became the target of sustained abuse and slander at the hands of their then Logistics Manager. The resulting complaint did little to assuage him, and when I stood up to him, we were both removed. So, my only committent was a panel with one of the star guests, whose trip I’d half-funded. Then, a week before the event (of which I’d planned networking and enjoying) I was asked to organise the comics panels. Except I was outside the communications circuit. I found the dealers I’d brought in with queries. Nothing had been done in my three months absence. My replacement, the Chair, hadn’t even spoken to them. The panels weren’t in place, though the programmer had the decency to apologise. I spent the week apologising to people, directing them, trying to answer questions I didn’t know the answer to, managing guests and giving tech support with no time for myself. It was the worst con experience of my life.

Press Launch for 2011 Titancon: Back row (l-r) founders Bruce Logan, Ian Lawther, 1st secretary Silverjaime; front row guests Paddy Brown, Andy Luke

It was actual fucking trauma. Not hyperbole. Not anything any-one should have to go through. Cumulatively, it took its toll on the relationship with my partner. We’ve broken up, in part due to Titancon’s particular pressure. Then it got weirder. Weeks later I spoke up for a main-stay author who’d been sidelined. This comment, along with the official complaint about bullying, was enough for the Chair to exclude me from returning to the committee. I’d laid down a vision for 2020 which she was acting on, even been proposed for Chair, and the sidelined author given a spot on the committee, but no, not I. And then, the ex-Logistics chief who made my life hell for months in front of the committee, well he was returned to his role. He was indulged by committee. The Chair, having witnessed it, knew well what she was doing as did others. There was no innocence about it. Despite earlier odd remarks badmouthing a founding, having a GRRM-less event (returning GRRM was Titancon’s goal since 2011), and suggesting for our private Coach Trip we refer visitors to public transport. Beyond foolishness, there’s a malevolent interference at play, even an ableist angle.

And that’s as deep as I’ll go for a lot of this is too upsetting for me to recount. This statement may hurt my career or cause people who don’t know better to hurt it. I’d rather people were warned off danger.

Titancon, I don’t regret much of what I’ve given you this decade. It’s been a blast, truly, deeply. I gave so much of me to making Eurocon a joy for others. I played fair when you did not. The reverbstorm of this on my life is still being felt. Some ‘opportunities’ are not worthy of us, traps to suck us up and throw our skins in the ditch. If you feel torn over loyalty to me and the con, it’s not my choice. What do you do? What do I want you do? Honestly? Cut that baby in two. Fuck ’em.  Forget ’em. I hope Titancon has a welcome traffic accident and sucks on a cuckoo’s cloaca.

Goodbye, Titancon. I’m free.

– Andy Luke