Brontosaur Will Lantern

106 days until my 40th birthday and I’m still keen for it to be a big deal. I don’t have the time to sketch out drawings for my friends who have birthdays today so I’m beginning to learn that my own may be a small affair. I have some thoughts regarding spending it in London, let’s see.

I found some sketches in a wee notebook today and coloured them up for you.


There is of course no such dinosaur as the brontosaurus, but since when should that be a problem?


Elastic bands cause juvenile delinquency a new study said today. The body, mine, said so, after looking at one, stretching it a bit and thinking, ‘I’d like to ping something with that’. It was later put away but i typed out this news report to make you all feel safe.

I slept badly (perhaps through exhaustion) today, so I may be working night-shifts for a bit promoting Bounce! and TitanCon.

noctura cyburna

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