Newszoom: July Marches

A good reporter works and checks multiple sources but today I was inspired to steal from one video.

Why nat visit NI?

NI2013. Our time. Our place ‪#‎Wrecked‬
created by the brilliant Loyalists Against Democracy)

I used to make a paper in the form of a comic, but this time I did something more traditional.
If you’re having trouble seeing it, you can download a better quality version from here and circulate merrily.


And yes I do hope the police arrest them.

Trailer: Caution, you thugs and bullies. For the people of the earth shall grow sick of your interruptions to their lolcats and Instagram and see you. Your ire will be met with a bollocking from the internet, the like of which your stomach has not known since that curry kicked diarrhea from your boxers and all down your legs and you were in agony for days. Don’t do it again.

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