Oxicomics Relaunch Digital Service at Raptus ’11 – NI Comic To Reach Wider Audience

The Norwegian based Oxicomics are planning a re-launch tomorrow (September 9th), to coincide with Norway’s major Comic Con “Raptus” in Bergen.



The Oxicomics Digital Comics Distribution Platform (OCDCP) “gives the users the ability to download comics as PDF, add comics to a “cloud library” where they can access their comics through any web-browser as well on mobile devices like iPhone, Android phones and tablets etc.”

Morten F Thomson, CEO of Oxicomics, stated the Webshop where comics can be sold was facilitated for payment done using PayPal Digital Goods payment flow enabling both one-click purchase and Shopping Cart support. This includes an integrated HTML5 reader, with support for iOS apps, and browsers like Chrome and Safari. There is also forthcoming support for native apps (distibuted through the AppStore/Android Market).

Each comic title has a fan wall allowing users to post comments, and replies from publishers. Publishers will have access to an early alpha-version of the webapp for iPhone, as well as a real-time sales spreadsheet.

Thomson announced other plans to follow after the launch. These include:

– Blog syndication / original blog entries attached to a Comic Title (optional)
– News feed for each Comic Title (like a “mini-Twitter” feed for information about the Comic Title
– Subscription system for users to receive information (news feed) and any free issues from Titles they subscribe to
– Mobile HTML5 WebApp for reading and purchasing comics (not just integrated as part of webshop)
Detailed reporting of sales, earnings etc for you as Publisher



In the run-up to the relaunch, Oxicomics removed most of their stock from the Apple store for re-alignment. Some free titles still remain, such as the Northern Irish comic about epilepsy, Absence, which incurs no administration cost. Absence will also be available on the new OCDCP platform.

The Raptus festival is Norway’s major comics convention and runs from 9th-11th September in Ludwig’s Academic Quarter. In it’s 16th year, the event attracts many thousands of attendees.

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