Barcamp – Text, Image, Sound

Participation gets an individual the following; the opportunity to share knowledge built upon a user-generated pedagogy; conversation with talented individuals across every medium; the opportunity to raise and address obstacles with fellow project managers facilitating; a nurturing progressive environment; a commitment to sustainability in distribution; a stake in a co-operative venture; the meta-objective of commercial accessible creative publishing; an open platform to find and discuss the nuts and bolts growth of aspirational creative direction together; it is a knowledge pool, an associated broadcast, a local, cross-border, transatlantic initiative. It is a first of a kind event for professionals and fringe comics media creatives and the outcomes may surprise all of us.
(With thanks to Will Simpson for pushing my think)

1:30 plug for Barcamp taken from last week’s Panel Borders show by Alex Fitch and snipped and pic-matched by me. Produced in the early hours of the morning, with neither Alex nor I at our most lucid.


A 13 minute interview between Andy Luke and Marc Savage (stream/save target as) recorded on 18th August. on Banbridge Sunshine FM’s Following the Nerd show.

Don’t come with your two arms the one length.

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed that Marc and perhaps other Nerdfollowers will be journeying from Banbridge and recording during the event.

Ben_Bland just reminded me this needs to be here,
When: Saturday 3rd September, 9am-6pm
Where: Blick Studios, 51 Malone Road, Belfast

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