Monkeys to Ward Off Bad Spirits In Webcam Chat

monkey busy dance monkey sleeping Monkey-Embarrassed-Baby punk-monkey

And from Ralph Kidson’s snail mail meme circa 2000, aggressive males with homophobic traits met this:i love u 2

By happy coincidence, it’s Ralphie’s birthday today. Nice!
Tomorrow, I’m forty – all grown up. Tonight I’ll be at,

6-9pm Late night art trail

9-10pm Real Sketchys drink and draw, The Black Box

10-12pm Belfast Comics Pub meet, The Cloth Ear.

More Webcam Filth (Comics, Text)

Every so often I like to go on a webcam chat room. Some say every night, three times a day, but I say every so often.  I hear the remote world insisting there’s a taboo, that webcam chatting is stupid and I laugh, because those are very stupid people and perhaps in need of a crash helmet.  I’ve met a leading European cartoonist, the chief tribesman of a very small Atlantic island and one or two attractive folk maybe. But for every one of them, Tim Shere, CLUE

I didn’t come onto him. Unlike today, when I purposely posed as a woman. There’s some scandalous bullshit women have to go through, and its not fair on their male or trans friends either. I’m Charlean.

Comedy Cam

Sorry Mike, thanks for helping though.

I was talking to my friend Aurora on one of the (intently) cleaner chat rooms (that reinforces the rules properly), when we got a fella asking to talk dirty. This is usually met with people telling him to take it someplace else, but I decided to IM him and troll-the-troll. Thing is, he saw me coming…


And JadesDJxT became a a room regular.

Here’s a little comic I did about a few of my friends. They have potty-mouths.

If yer asking, I prefer Camchat to Camamba. Maybe I’ll do a comic in there sometime.

camamba chat 2

185: Pants of Lord of Rings

In March 1993, I was half the age I am now. Half the weight, with a guitar, making tarot cards, and giving readings. Of course, there were comics.


In which occult investigator and mucker John Constantine expects a dismal 40th birthday, but finds a surprise party.

Manly friendship, blootered magicians, a Swamp Thing marijuana plant, a perfect shot of sitcom. It’s a great comic.

By the start of his Year 40 apathy, US comics were getting laid low by the speculator boom and bust. The morning after saw both Constantine and US comics generally claw long back to a balanced life.

At the end of this year, I’ll be forty. I don’t know if I’ll be alone, with four friends, or with thirty-seven. In Northern/Ireland, England or Delhi. Probably broke. I’m going to have a not disappointing time. No one who doesn’t want to has to attend. I’ll be on the internet.

I’m going to create something new each day, and share something I create online. Today, a comic I drew in a webcam chat room, about some friends of mine and a weinermeister user-named ‘LordOfRings.

lord of rings