More Webcam Filth (Comics, Text)

Every so often I like to go on a webcam chat room. Some say every night, three times a day, but I say every so often.  I hear the remote world insisting there’s a taboo, that webcam chatting is stupid and I laugh, because those are very stupid people and perhaps in need of a crash helmet.  I’ve met a leading European cartoonist, the chief tribesman of a very small Atlantic island and one or two attractive folk maybe. But for every one of them, Tim Shere, CLUE

I didn’t come onto him. Unlike today, when I purposely posed as a woman. There’s some scandalous bullshit women have to go through, and its not fair on their male or trans friends either. I’m Charlean.

Comedy Cam

Sorry Mike, thanks for helping though.

I was talking to my friend Aurora on one of the (intently) cleaner chat rooms (that reinforces the rules properly), when we got a fella asking to talk dirty. This is usually met with people telling him to take it someplace else, but I decided to IM him and troll-the-troll. Thing is, he saw me coming…


And JadesDJxT became a a room regular.

Here’s a little comic I did about a few of my friends. They have potty-mouths.

If yer asking, I prefer Camchat to Camamba. Maybe I’ll do a comic in there sometime.

camamba chat 2

2 thoughts on “More Webcam Filth (Comics, Text)

  1. This website is fun if you are male as many desperate women there, but not so fun if you are female. there are some people that lives their entire lives on this website and likes to bully the pretty females and if you answer back they lie to the admin, or maybe the admin is bias idk, however then you get permabanned!

    • Aplenty! There’s a lot to be learned by this site’s users. Of course always changing based on dynamic of who’s in the room. It’s fun for certain M & F, and they’re usually the same folk. They may be veterans, or alphas, or people who have strong relationships with other regulars. Plenty of males feel neglected and excluded – not surprising given less-likely M2M DMs and the high M2F ratio. Thanks for commenting, Antonia. In my experience good vid-chats are a rarity. If you’re looking I hope you find yours.

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