My life is a whiz

Stuff I’m up to these days:

Here’s a great short video of The Jazzabelles rehearsing! Have a listen to the wonderful Beccy Henderson, Claire McCartney and Nuala Davies! Appearing live from the 11/2/16.

Posted by The Jazzabelles Musical on Friday, January 29, 2016

  • Wow.


  • Skyping with talented Sean Duffield about the Axel America book cover.
  • Teaching Writing for Radio at a local writing class.
  • Contributing an article on polytheism and the multiverse to an upcoming website on religious belief.
  • Doing something very special for Enniskillen Comics Festival, 6th-7th May. (I can’t say what, or announce who will be there), but comics fans probably want to be there.

enniskillen comics fest

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Quite a January at Farset Labs. Farset’s a co-working creative environment, my desk of choice since November. We’ve been bouncing names around for Jonathan Knight’s driving invention, I’ve been testing excerpts from Axel America, Ben Matthews has been giving advice on SEO – I’d really like more people to appreciate this post.

The month ended with the Labs hosting the Global Game Jam. While I worked on a story about sleep deprivation, the developers were hard at work on things like… Cat Baptism.

Sleep well.


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