A Christmas Panto, hyperlinked in one part, two part and now 3. Blue curtains part, we hear a long fart, draws us to the contorted Miley Cyrus on the pavement with the rest.… Continue reading

Christmas Live! (Part 2)

A Christmas Panto hyperlinked in four parts,such as part 1   * * * Curtains * * *   “Some say it’s to do with the opening of the Blue Peter Time Capsule.… Continue reading

Christmas Live! (Part 1)

Back in 2005, I produced a gift-card for my friends for Christmas along the theme of pantomime. “Panto” is a UK theatre tradition at that time of year: theatrical childhood fables, over-bearing set design, D-list celebrities and… Continue reading

GAME: Facebeak Life rEinVENT

When I create content, I affirm my right to share in the benefit from that content. I admit, ambition to leave Facebeak isn’t served by lighting my presence there:  Facebeak packs an internet-like… Continue reading

The Visual Art of Video Games

How two forms of art find themselves constantly connected Anyone who’s seen This Is the End will be familiar with James Franco’s definition of art. In the movie, he staunchly reprimands Jay Baruchel… Continue reading

A Fistletoe Full of Dollars

Hello Your Self! Oh its been a buggerous few months – no credits, ISP bothers, no credits again, no credits again. When there’s barely heat and light you can’t fault me for not… Continue reading

Belfast Art – Almost 40 Pictures

Crikey. Here’s the 170th post (out of 185 maybe-score) This is from the Arts and Disability Forum on Royal Avenue, because beginning the late night art trail at 3pm means I can check… Continue reading

Monkeys to Ward Off Bad Spirits In Webcam Chat

And from Ralph Kidson’s snail mail meme circa 2000, aggressive males with homophobic traits met this: By happy coincidence, it’s Ralphie’s birthday today. Nice! Tomorrow, I’m forty – all grown up. Tonight I’ll… Continue reading

UK Midwinter Cartoonists Retreat 2013

A meta-pageant of comixers I was among gathered at the Halford Big Barn in Shropshire this weekend. In Leicester I chatted with Jay Eales and Selina Lock (The Periodic Adventures of Señor 105) and… Continue reading

Bottomley, MCR and Xmas Cards

Well, I’ve had a trip getting back home since Friday and I’m about tired enough to take it easy. While I’ve been away, Ruairi Coleman has been blogging about our comic,  ‘Bottomley –… Continue reading