GAME: Facebeak Life rEinVENT

When I create content, I affirm my right to share in the benefit from that content. I admit, ambition to leave Facebeak isn’t served by lighting my presence there:  Facebeak packs an internet-like experience into microcosm, trades you for livestock, and locks the door behind it. It won’t let you set your profile for a relationship with someone off-site,  it won’t let you change your gender, but it does let you change your date of birth. Twice, actually.

01 Facebook Game Born

This tickled, but it wasn’t readily apparent to me the size of scope of what I was doing. So it began as a time travel game.

My first attempt was to travel two days into the past of my “feed”, sometime in 2013.

08 Facebook DOB Game - Time Travel

I tried 2013 again, to 2013 two weeks prior. I linked in a friend, but didn’t tell him about it. With no thread, the entry got lost too. There are a several versions of the time travel variation and it’s great play and discovery. Anyway, back to my childhood. Duchamp’s “Fountain” debuted in 1917, carrying with it the assertion that “if it’s in a gallery, it must be art”.

04 Facebook DOB GameI don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers about my childhood and family.  Facebeak Life rEinVENT allows me to express this area.

05 Facebook DOB Game - World Warriors

Socio-political commentary there, without the thorns of modern embroilment!

So, in short, to play you need:facebeak date
Facebook account, spare time, imagination. Historical interest is optional.

1.  Re-set birthday (only 1-2 changes allowed)
2. Hit life event, and choose a category.
3. Choose type and add details (Pre-set event types may constrict in-game movement)

You can link your friends into the game, set them in any genre or time-frame, create one-off events, or arc stories, like I’ve shown here.

07 Facebook DOB Game - The Bloodsucker Gang

Ooh, add a photo!

I’d prefer you didn’t Facebeak friend me, but please comment, link to it and above all PLAY  and publish your game on the global free internet.