[Comic] Bob’s : Can I have your autograph Mr. Hooker?

You couldn’t quite call them policies, maybe intentions, one of the intentions I had when making Bob’s comic was to include a guest star each issue. William Shatner appeared in the third episode, having fallen asleep on Bob’s couch during an alcohol fuelled binge which no-one could remember. Despite wearing his Star Trek: The Motion Picture threads, he went unrecognised until someone mentioned the TV show T.J. Hooker.  Bob insisted that Willy get a dustpan and shovel and help clear up that mess amidst calls of “Can I have your autograph, Mr. Hooker?”

The Ralph Kidson got such a chuckle out of this he sent me his interpretation of the moment. I used this as the cover to the first Bob’s spin-off, about Willie’s return to the Enterprise and the ramifications of his days of a County Down bed-sit dole hole life. Here you go,

Can I have your autograph 1 Can I have your autograph 2 Can I have your autograph 3 Can I have your autograph 4 Can I have your autograph 5 Can I have your autograph 6 Can I have your autograph 7 Can I have your autograph 8

Abrams Star Trek

Around Christmas, I’d an art commission as a gift for a Trekkie, who did not like what JJ Abrams did. The brief was for a friendly wind-up: make it look like Abrams was the definitive version, with TOS to Enterprise pale in comparison.

Abrams Star Trek - andy luke


I’m taking a distance from making comics for a while, although you can buy issue 1 of Kick! online.

16 pages of brand new digital comics. Includes The children of Mow Street Mall, The A-Team, Doomlord X and Allergy, another tale about shopping.

Only 30p, available through Paypal.


Galway University of Galway ComicsWest event was due to go ahead next week, but now it’s not, left until the summer. Everybody’s friends, The Emerald Garrison, are running the Heroes and Legends Con on 16th-17th February, at the W5 in Belfast.

Ahead of that, friend to my readers Stephen Downey, is signing his new comic Noe The Savage Boy with writers Mal Coney and Rob Curley at Forbidden Planet Belfast on February 9th, between 1-3pm.

Here’s Mal and Stephen on BBC Radio’s Arts Extra.