Book time podcasting!

I learned last night our new bookcast, I’ve never read Discworld, made the Apple top 50 for UK book pods in September. O Team!

It was pleasant news after two days graft editing. There’s the new episode of The Drew and Look Podcast to come, in which I interview indie start-up SHP Comics about creative entrepreneurship, as well as sex, sci-fi and vampires. The Drew and Look has been on hiatus a while. Some months back, the interview with comedy horror novelist, Philip Henry, got a lot of love.

Sean Black is a household name: prime-time actor on stage and screen and linked to an unknown number of gruesome murders. Sean Black is the lead in METHOD, the creation of Philip Henry, a struggling dramatic novelist, film-maker and singer-songwriter.

Podcaster Andy Luke lures Philip to a remote country cottage to unravel his secrets. What emerges is a wide reaching conversation on writing, celebrities, romance, violence, ethics, feminism and Northern Ireland on screen.

The new episode is live on Patreon and I’ll be putting episode 2 of Discworld up there next week. It’s been a learning curve bringing in the video element on these series. Judging by the feedback on our first Discworld, people seem happy to wait.

My brother Gavin dumped his 15 Discworld duplicates on me in a big green canvas bag. In trying to procrastinate, I knew the reading experience ought to be chronicled and reached out to ask the internet for a co-host. Local writer PJ Hart responded: having read through most of the series and keen to revisit. And thus we became a legend in my own lunchtime.

‘It’s the fantasy version of The Wire.’

Experienced wizard PJ Hart guides the tourist Andy Luke through the first book in Terry Pratchett’s world: a world supported on the back of a giant turtle (sex unknown); from the docks to taverns of Ankh-Morpork,to forests, temples and the edge of the world.–The-Colour-of-Magic-e1o0nop

Press Gang – The School Edition (Part 1)

New Podcast!

Comedy-drama Press Gang was widely hailed as one of the best YA telly series ever, attracting critical acclaim and industry awards. As well as featuring some of the best names in the business it launched a dozen careers including those of Stephen Moffat, Julia Sawalha, Dexter Fletcher, Lee Ross, Paul Reynolds, Gabrielle Anwar and Lucy Benjamin.

Occupied author Andy Luke’s feature presentation includes character studies and reviews of ten episodes from Series 1-2. You’ll also hear from roving reporters Ian Lawther, author Tristan Shephard and comics artists Simon Hodgkiss-Rogers and Peter Bangs.

Listen everywhere! (But here’s the Anchor.Fm Link!)

The Daniel O’ Donnell Podcast – Episode 2

New main image tb edited

Two scatter-brained friends on the roads of County Donegal review the sights they’ve seen, and verbalise excrement as the sun shines out of their asses. In this episode, Sarah and Andy recount the wild ghostly village of Glencolmcille and majestic Glenveagh National Park.

I messed up the footage from Glenveagh, but there’s a gallery and video for your viewing pleasure.

Part 1 – 12 minutes

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Part 2 – 8 minutes

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Read Andy’s review of Ionad Siuil accommodation over on Trip Advisor.

The Daniel O’Donnell Podcast: Episode 1

A brand new feature! Two scatter-brained friends on the roads of County Donegal review the sights they’ve seen, and verbalise excrement as the sun shines out of their asses.

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In this first episode, Sarah and Andy review ‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’, along with the small seaside town of Bundoran, near Ballyshannon. Sarah loses her podcast virginity and Andy loses his Donegal virginity. Discussion includes new concrete versus old concrete, knocking over rabbits, internet fame and ghost stories, as well as the first of our regular 10-minute outros. This podcast was recorded at night, which explains why the sound quality sucks boke. (20 minutes)

Amusement Tokens



Sarah and Andy talk about an 80s/90s fundraiser in aid of NI Children’s Hospice, taking place at the Westville in Enniskillen this weekend. (3 minutes)

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