Weekend Blog

As described in The Code Is This, I’ve spent the last few days bumming around my newly found beauty spot, writing Half Baked Alaska, a ripping adventure-drama-comedy I’m co-authoring with Neill Stringer. The plan is to try for a long run at this one, so the first part will debut on this weblogsite in about a month’s time.

Today I’ve been building http://theblackpanel.blogspot.co.uk and am happy to report the shop now has sixty comicbook titles from Northern Ireland and the Republic, which you can order at the click of a button.

Just in time for me and Paddy Brown to take the stock back to the re-opening of The Black Box’s Bazaar tomorrow (Sunday)

Come, say hi.  Help me decide what goes up here tomorrow.

Irish Comics For Sale Now

Today I’ve been re-building a website for The Black Panel, the Irish comics distribution service Paddy B. and I ran. For a few years we lugged boxes down to The Black Box Club once a month, and sat behind a table, dreaming of selling enough of our own books for pizza and coffee. Oh, those were the days. Well, I intended to re-create those days – first through tempting speciality retailers with local product, and when they didn’t move, I thought maybe readers would.

So, now YOU can see and buy most of our stock at http://theblackpanel.blogspot.com.

Some links require de-kinking and I’ll update later in the week.

BLACK PANEL 2 black panel