Happy Xmas Panto: The Last Noel

It’s Monday night and I’m sitting on a big comfy seat in a warm house and blonde haired women are bringing me drinks and I hope you are too.  Tomorrow I’ll be breaking out the mulled wine again and I’m looking forward to finding out more about this invention called television.

There’s been a good reception to The Last Noel, this year’s Christmas card comic which was mailed out yesterday, although some won’t be getting it until the after-holiday letterbox.  Gar Shanley said,

“It’s as if telly and panto had a baby and then that baby had a dream and you drew it.”

So without further ado I present for your enjoyment….

Xmas Panto The Last Noel

You can see the previous Xmas Panto pieces on the Comiclets page. Merry Christmas and see you IN THE FUTURE!