More Webcam Filth (Comics, Text)

Every so often I like to go on a webcam chat room. Some say every night, three times a day, but I say every so often.  I hear the remote world insisting there’s a taboo, that webcam chatting is stupid and I laugh, because those are very stupid people and perhaps in need of a crash helmet.  I’ve met a leading European cartoonist, the chief tribesman of a very small Atlantic island and one or two attractive folk maybe. But for every one of them, Tim Shere, CLUE

I didn’t come onto him. Unlike today, when I purposely posed as a woman. There’s some scandalous bullshit women have to go through, and its not fair on their male or trans friends either. I’m Charlean.

Comedy Cam

Sorry Mike, thanks for helping though.

I was talking to my friend Aurora on one of the (intently) cleaner chat rooms (that reinforces the rules properly), when we got a fella asking to talk dirty. This is usually met with people telling him to take it someplace else, but I decided to IM him and troll-the-troll. Thing is, he saw me coming…


And JadesDJxT became a a room regular.

Here’s a little comic I did about a few of my friends. They have potty-mouths.

If yer asking, I prefer Camchat to Camamba. Maybe I’ll do a comic in there sometime.

camamba chat 2