El Chino Tigre

So a while ago it was Dawn’s birthday  and I knew I had to make her something. What would she like on her card? Well, she texted,

‘Mr. Pointy, coffee, butterflies and el chino tigre’

Mr. Pointy I knew. We’d both been doing the UT Events screenings of Buffy and Angel back in 2001-02, ten years before we met. But El Chino Tigre, is that the goth rock number, some geek chic podcast theme tune.. oh.. it’s from Community, this bit actually, which I’m going to watch in a moment.

A good symmetry that, our first few happy months of dating was my second screening of the show and Dawn’s first.

chang birthday 2

chang birthday 3



Hello again.

My new Christmas card selection is on sale through those luvvies at the Arts and Disability Forum in Royal Avenue, Belfast. The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 11-3pm, but if you see the lights on knock the door as they’re often busy working away behind the scenes.

There’s also a festive poster of Strictly Celebrity Apprentice on Ice With Bobbins And A Twitter Hashtag. And it’s rather good. If you’re not in Belfast, I’ve updated this site to include a Shop.

And here’s my newest one,

It won’t be in stock for a few days but you can advance order with other cards using the code APOC.

Elsewhere, I’ve been busy setting up Black Panel Distribution for a December re-launch. The Black Panel started by myself and Paddy Brown back in 2010 is now home to over sixty Irish comics. Check out the website for more information. If you have a shop where you’d like to stock Northern Irish comics I’m keen for you to get in touch, and I’m happy to take personal customers too.

Speaking of Paddy, here’s the results of his contribution to The Magnificent One Day Comic Book Factory back in September. And PJ Holden also threw in a piece in under an hour while tutoring.

Norma Thierfelder came all the way from Germany for TitanCon and drew this,

And an entry from Dawn Lennox (my new partner as of TitanCon)

You can read my report on the TitanCon goings-on here.

The Magnificent Factory is due to be repeated at the ComicsWest Festival, held at the University of Galway on 8-10th February. It was a great event last year and totally worth making the trip. Here’s their website.

Before that, Avalon Arts are launching the first Belfast Comics Fayre at the Haymarket Arcade on Sunday December 9th. I’ve been asked to be their “comics connect” so more news shortly. Meantime, the Facebook event page is here.

Dawn Lennox, Norma Thierfelder & Andy Luke Do Magnificent!

On September 22nd the Games of Thrones-centric Titancon held at The Europa, Belfast, hosted the debut of Andy Luke’s Magnificent One Day Comic Book Factory, raising £25 for Action Cancer producing and selling  small run mini-comic that same afternoon. With the authors permission, we re-present three of the strips drawn in an hour more-or-less.


Dawn Lennox








You can see two other strips of The Titancon Factory Sessions from PJ Holden and Patrick Brown here.

My TitanCon report is on Livejournal, including Flickr pics of the Titancon at The Giant’s Causeway.