Going Places: New ADF ComicBook

Reminder that I’ll be out with the Belfast Writers Group on Saturday reading at Falls Road Library at 11am and the Shankill Library at noon as part of the European Heritage Open Days. I’ll be reading one of my favourite shorts, or perhaps the secret project revealed at TitanCon. Others will be reading from The Ghosts in the Glass and Other Stories horror anthology.

01 Cover

03 Content

This is a focking great comic. I’m hoping I can organise printing with the ADF next week for contributors and patrons.

Download link: Going Places [10.4 mb]

Gift 2

The Belfast Comics Fayre took place on Sunday, and as this week in Belfast would have it, was hampered by the bullcrap foisted on us by a small minority of troublemakers. People preferred to stay in, rather than risk travel being halted by little boys with dangerous toys. In a time where the rights of British-Ireland are called into question by international eejits, I can think of no way that the province’s status could be more sorely damaged than the violence of fleg-fighters. It’s a shame they devalued the identity of “being Northern Irish”. If only they’d take the short cut by actually shooting themselves in the foot, they’d save all of us bar the nurses some trouble.

For the guests that turned out we recouped something. We had some great craic with Bobby Best (The 2dcast), Stephen Downey (Noe The Savage Boy), Derm McGuigan (Potato Vampires) and I’m told Lightning Strike Comics Presents and Darrin O’Toole’s Tales From The Void are now on sale at FPI Belfast. Issue 7 of Paddy Brown’s Cattle Raid of Cooley is likely on his website bookshop any day now. 

A future event is planned.

The ADF’s annual open show is again dedicated to seasonal gifts made by disabled artists, enabling you to spend for Christmas with a conscience! The artists have supplied small-scale work of all kinds with a modest price range, and I’ve work in there along with Alice Burns, Andrew Cooke, Andrew Gahan, Jennifer Hanley, Johanna Lodge, Rachel McBride, Niall McCormack, Sinead O’Donnell, Roisin O’Hagan, Keith Sheppard, Deirdre Ward and Trevor Wray. December opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10am–4pm, with occasional extensions. The Arts & Disability Forum are based on the ground floor of 109-113 Royal Avenue (opposite the Mace), Belfast BT1. You can invite friends on Facebook and there’s a special seasonal celebration from 5-7pm on Thursday 20th

Here are some photos I took at the opening.

GIFT 2 - ADF 01 GIFT 2 - ADF 02 GIFT 2 - ADF 03 GIFT 2 - ADF 04 GIFT 2 - ADF 05 GIFT 2 - ADF 06 GIFT 2 - ADF 07 GIFT 2 - ADF 08 GIFT 2 - ADF 09 GIFT 2 - ADF 10

You can buy Issue 1 of my new digital comic, Kick! It includes The children of Mow Street Mall, The A-Team, Doomlord X and Allergy, another tale about shopping.

ONLY thirtie englishe pennies!

I’ll be stripblogging my new Xmas card comic here a few days before Christmas. In the meantime, you can buy it from the ADF, or the online shop.


Hello again.

My new Christmas card selection is on sale through those luvvies at the Arts and Disability Forum in Royal Avenue, Belfast. The gallery is open Tuesday to Friday from 11-3pm, but if you see the lights on knock the door as they’re often busy working away behind the scenes.

There’s also a festive poster of Strictly Celebrity Apprentice on Ice With Bobbins And A Twitter Hashtag. And it’s rather good. If you’re not in Belfast, I’ve updated this site to include a Shop.

And here’s my newest one,

It won’t be in stock for a few days but you can advance order with other cards using the code APOC.

Elsewhere, I’ve been busy setting up Black Panel Distribution for a December re-launch. The Black Panel started by myself and Paddy Brown back in 2010 is now home to over sixty Irish comics. Check out the website for more information. If you have a shop where you’d like to stock Northern Irish comics I’m keen for you to get in touch, and I’m happy to take personal customers too.

Speaking of Paddy, here’s the results of his contribution to The Magnificent One Day Comic Book Factory back in September. And PJ Holden also threw in a piece in under an hour while tutoring.

Norma Thierfelder came all the way from Germany for TitanCon and drew this,

And an entry from Dawn Lennox (my new partner as of TitanCon)

You can read my report on the TitanCon goings-on here.

The Magnificent Factory is due to be repeated at the ComicsWest Festival, held at the University of Galway on 8-10th February. It was a great event last year and totally worth making the trip. Here’s their website.

Before that, Avalon Arts are launching the first Belfast Comics Fayre at the Haymarket Arcade on Sunday December 9th. I’ve been asked to be their “comics connect” so more news shortly. Meantime, the Facebook event page is here.

Workshop / Bacon Sammich of Doom

TitanCon, Belfast’s premier Game of Thrones festival starts tomorrow, with a drink andbook readings at McHughs. As noted, I’ll be trying out an idea I’ve been working towards for a while, The One Day Magnicent ComicBook Factory. (link courtesy of Hilary Lawler, ICN)

The Facebook group for The Magnificent Factory is here. Please don’t tick the yes box if you’ve no intention of going to the con. We recognise the neediness of people like that, but it doesn’t mean they get fresh custard.

There’s also a new edition of the rewarding 2d podcast up. Last weeks featured an interview with my wing-man, Factory assistant, and Irish comics nexus, Paddy Brown. This time, you can hear an interview with me, as Ciaran Flanagan and I talk about the most important issue facing the country right now: Will I and Ger Hankey be working on IDW’s Transformers comic?

Now, What do you get when ten plus comixers from different backgrounds put together a silent story about a fight past deliriums and pop obsessions to prevent oneself from dying?

All words and pictures copyright their respective creators. Thanks to the ADF people for accommodating.

BACON SAMMICH OF DOOM creators at the Arts and Disability FOrum