Irish Comics For Sale Now

Today I’ve been re-building a website for The Black Panel, the Irish comics distribution service Paddy B. and I ran. For a few years we lugged boxes down to The Black Box Club once a month, and sat behind a table, dreaming of selling enough of our own books for pizza and coffee. Oh, those were the days. Well, I intended to re-create those days – first through tempting speciality retailers with local product, and when they didn’t move, I thought maybe readers would.

So, now YOU can see and buy most of our stock at

Some links require de-kinking and I’ll update later in the week.

BLACK PANEL 2 black panel

166: Comic – Mark Littlewood

Today’s piece came out of this article by Mark Littlewood calls for a public domain register of benefit claimants.

They cannot be serious: but published, a right-wing agenda by a man with Westminster pull –  likely means some other mad kunter will try.

Thanks to @wheresbenefit and their peer group for bringing this to my attention, esp. @trialia and @latentexistence

More details on the ATOS incident alluded to in panel 4 here.

mark littlewood

PS Why not sign the petition calling for the sacking of Littlejohn after goading suicide Lucy Meadows? Go on.

183: Surprise Comic Part 1

sir reginald 1Waay back (maybe) in 2008, popster Ben Stone’s livejournal got an open source script for his character, Sir Reginald. Eric F Myers beat me to this comixing by a few years, but I dug the script out while house cleaning, and so….
Reginald, to my mind, is Thomas Carnacki by way of John Constantine, or perhaps Malcolm Tucker. Visually, my new interpretation of him is not too far from Ben’s if I recall, and it so happens very similar to Reggie Chamberlain-King, Belfast writer and member of Northern Ireland’s fine edutainment export, The Wireless Mystery Theatre.Not so much coincidence as ELDRITCH.
Also starring Vinnie Jones and the Oxford Natural History Museum.
Pages 2-3 are almost done, will up them tomorro!

185: Pants of Lord of Rings

In March 1993, I was half the age I am now. Half the weight, with a guitar, making tarot cards, and giving readings. Of course, there were comics.


In which occult investigator and mucker John Constantine expects a dismal 40th birthday, but finds a surprise party.

Manly friendship, blootered magicians, a Swamp Thing marijuana plant, a perfect shot of sitcom. It’s a great comic.

By the start of his Year 40 apathy, US comics were getting laid low by the speculator boom and bust. The morning after saw both Constantine and US comics generally claw long back to a balanced life.

At the end of this year, I’ll be forty. I don’t know if I’ll be alone, with four friends, or with thirty-seven. In Northern/Ireland, England or Delhi. Probably broke. I’m going to have a not disappointing time. No one who doesn’t want to has to attend. I’ll be on the internet.

I’m going to create something new each day, and share something I create online. Today, a comic I drew in a webcam chat room, about some friends of mine and a weinermeister user-named ‘LordOfRings.

lord of rings

On Sale Here! Best of Irish Comics – Courageous Mayhem

Courageous Mayhem is a boy’s own adventure style compendium, a veritable who’s who of the Irish comics scene and I’m pleased to host the first website to offer this marvelous comic for sale.

Cover Courageous Mayhem




btnbuynow_s DIGITAL DOWNLOAD  3 EURO / £2.53 UK


My new strip ‘Underwater Billiards’ sits in the eighty-four pages alongside the critically acclaimed Paddy Lynch (Big Jim), Alan Nolan (And The Blood Flowed Green), Phil Barrett (Where’s Larry?) and Patrick Brown (The Cattle Raid of Cooley). There are the adept mystics of comicking like John Robbins (The Well Below), designer Archie Templar (The Pants Of), and editor/publisher Gar Shanley, author of Fugger, one of Ireland’s best comedy blogs.

Like any good adventure comic, Courageous has true facts and wild fantasies above and below the waves, in the streets and the fields. There’s bicycles, bombs, biplanes and bikes and The Bible. You can see the full-listing of contents at the Irish Comics Wikia page.

Order now though, your country is depending on you!




When I was preparing for the Belfast Comics Fayre last year I put together three issues of a comic. It was modelled on Willie Hewes’ Goth Boy –  one sheet of paper becoming 16 pages. My usual mistakes: too much detail, and printed on poor stock.

Oddly, Kick! works brilliantly as a digital comic, and so I’m pleased to offer the first three issues as PDF files. And I think some of you will get quite a rise out of the contents.

(Despite the colour cover below, these pieces are black and white)



CONTENTS as above, including, “The A-Team” (reprint), “Cobra Commander Says” and “Allergy“.

BUY IT NOW 25p/38c

KICK #2   – BUY IT NOW 25p/38c

Includes “The Bill Have A Gun Siege At Xmas“, “The Youth of 2042“, and “Sounds Round Ere

KICK #3 – BUY IT NOW 25P/38c

With Automan (reprint), Transformers at Glastonbury, Morrissey watches Irish Corrie, Noam Chomsky’s Cardigan, and Jessica Fletcher Is Innocent!

Sorry, there’s no option for all three. When you’ve made the Paypal payments, you’ll be taken through to the PDF were you can “Save as”. They’re small 2-3MB files, but this is some good work. I even inked it.

Reviewers can get in touch for a freebie.

Abrams Star Trek

Around Christmas, I’d an art commission as a gift for a Trekkie, who did not like what JJ Abrams did. The brief was for a friendly wind-up: make it look like Abrams was the definitive version, with TOS to Enterprise pale in comparison.

Abrams Star Trek - andy luke


I’m taking a distance from making comics for a while, although you can buy issue 1 of Kick! online.

16 pages of brand new digital comics. Includes The children of Mow Street Mall, The A-Team, Doomlord X and Allergy, another tale about shopping.

Only 30p, available through Paypal.


Galway University of Galway ComicsWest event was due to go ahead next week, but now it’s not, left until the summer. Everybody’s friends, The Emerald Garrison, are running the Heroes and Legends Con on 16th-17th February, at the W5 in Belfast.

Ahead of that, friend to my readers Stephen Downey, is signing his new comic Noe The Savage Boy with writers Mal Coney and Rob Curley at Forbidden Planet Belfast on February 9th, between 1-3pm.

Here’s Mal and Stephen on BBC Radio’s Arts Extra.

Hold The Phones, It’s Alex Jones! (Re-release)

myebookalexI’ve been watching Alex Jones on and off for nearly a decade now, and I think this is the first time I’ve seen the one-man media corp trend on Twitter. Unfortunately, for nothing good. I’ve not seen the clip yet but I’d imagine it’s one dubiously opinionated a-hole scream at an opinionated dubious a-hole.

A year ago, I got together with five other comics creators to release a sitcom-spiracy based around Alex’s domestic life. In some respects, it was a success, with the fourteen page preview amassing well over 10,000 views, most of those on Myebook. From another view, we’ve sold not a single copy of the PDF, and I’m beginning to suspect somethings a little awry. Conspiracy? I’ve moved the Myebook sales back to my own control, just to be sure.

For the record, I think guns are the tools of aggressors, be they government or citizen. So it might seem callous of me to take advantage of the #trend to $cash in on Nutjob Vs Nutjob. Still, giving me your traffic and cash is better than giving it to anyone who promotes those two right now.

Hold the Phones

The pitch:

Follow the father of 911 Truth as he travels in time through American history, faces vaccination and innoculation, resists the attempts of big media to hypnotise his kids and join him. See him advertise water filters and gold seeds, fight enemies foreign and domestic: including Alex’s wife, their son Constitution, daughter Wrench, 1776 the family dog and Orwell, their deceased cat.

Co-created by Andy Luke and Professor Octagon
Includes: Swimming Pool of Death, Declaration of the Co-Dependents, Beck Vs Jones, Anger Management, Good Constitution Hunting and You Want Answers?
The Winged Head of Alan Watt and Alex’s Personal Guarantee! by Ben Stone
Super Bowl of Fascism by Geoffrey Wessel and Sean Duffield
Co-Opted! by Professor Octagon and Bisson
The Sound, The Fury and Alex Jones! by Luke and Bisson.

A bumper 44 pages of conspiracy comedy!

You can buy the PDF for the bargain price of 98 Cents (US) through Paypal by clicking on this link

You can also get the print edition of the comics mag through Indyplanet – costly 10 dollars or so when the postage is in, tho they’ve done a lovely job.

Here’s previews.


Columns on comics from the old here 

ComicsWest convention in Galway (8th-10th February)

Heroes and Legends con in Belfast the following weekend.

More details in a while.