4.3 New Pitch

“We saw the intervention of the London Society at this juncture was God’s handiwork and the more we saw revealed I, after all, I am a fruit of their labours.”

“Oh?” said Frank. “The Society provided me with shelter in England. That was the beginning of my birth in Christ. It meant so much, in every part of me.”

He held his hand in front of him, fingers spread, shaking with vitality.

“My body, my soul, it was God’s love, most pure.”

They passed the YMCA building and looked to the wretches on the steps, whispering for change.

“I became identified with the Presbytery in Hamburg after being directed there, instead of to the Society’s agent. You understand, Mr. Burt, I have no interest in converting Jews for sectarianism , Presbyterianism, Anglicanism, any -ism. When we prayed our prayers led to one conclusion. If the London Society were to allow me employment I would resign from the Presbytery.”

They walked Rue Peel in silence for a minute.

“I have shocked you.”

“A little,” said Burt.

Ignacz Timotheus glanced towards one of the cafes and Frank put his hand on his arm. He proposed they sit a while. The booth caught little of the daylight but the air was full of eggs and bacon. Their coffees arrived, black, and quickly.

“I am taken aback, yes, but it is an idea that has occurred to me,” said Frank. “There would be problems going ahead: misunderstandings; ill-feelings. They might very well think I influenced you in this, swayed you.”

Ignacz’s black pupils sparked light.

“That would not be so. Several weeks ago I told the Board certain matters were to be agreed, or I would withdraw from them.”

“The mission house and expenditure?”

“Among others. The Board has not agreed. You see they would not hold you responsible.” He twice touched Frank’s hand.  “I am not in their debt and may leave before the end of the month.”

The Hungarian drank slowly.

“I do not know if the Society will go for this,” said Frank, and he took a sup also. “As I said, we are keen to avoid the friction this could cause. Pray on it some more, and think. If it is God’s will I would fully recommend you for the role. ”


Ignacz The Watch Thief is serialised five days a week. To donate go to patreon.com/andyluke and access four advance chapters, commentaries or bonus art.


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