4.2 Bad Mission

Trebitsch met him at The Windsor Station and they walked by the Methodist Church and St. George’s Episcopal. Re-tracing his steps Burt assessed it a remarkable job of modern urban landscaping. His guide confirmed it was a recent development and pointed out how the green borders and walk-ways were arranged in the shape of a Union Jack. The public space had become a central meeting point for all of Montreal. They left the Queen of the World Cathedral’s inspiring spires and behind too, the red brick offices of the Sun Life building. Just off the green was Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue and then their destination.

“Less a walk than a stroll,” said the Englishman.

“It is a central location,” Trebitsch admitted

The building was badly damaged: a broken window and a missing one; inside, a fallen beam, diagonal from ceiling to ground.

“That’s what you’d call a non-supporting beam?” said Trebitsch.

They examined it for a few minutes before leaving.

Burt broke the silence. “It concerns me a synagogue is directly opposite and another over the way.”

“Thank you!”

“Have you informed the Presbytery?” asked Burt.

” I am unsure if they were listening. I hope you understand this has the potential for riotous behaviour?”

Burt assured him. “I have seen it happen. This square could become a boxing ring.”

“They appear not to have considered that at all.” He sighed. “Sadly,  it has not been easy to make the board understand? When we needed new equipment, four or five hundred pounds from my wife’s dower filled the short fall.”

Frank Burt detected Trebitsch’s difficulty in admitting this.  “I understand your wife is with child?”

“Due in weeks,” he said.

Frank steeled himself. “I pray the Lord bless you both. Go on.”

“Like Mr. McCarter before us we’ve sacrificed so much.”

Timotheus Trebitsch put his hand in his pocket and took out his savings book. Frank studied the dwindling balance, the loans.

“After speaking with you yesterday, Margarethe and I were much in prayer. As before we prayed to God to clear the difficulties from our road and open up the way. “


Image Attribution: Dominion Square, Montreal, TaylorNoakes.com

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