Chapter 1.2 The Streets

The lights in the Metro blinked through tunnels. His mercurial cluster acclimatised to this new city; expanding Budapest. He got off at Andrassy Avenue, climbed to the surface, where with every walk he’d seen a new construction. The cultural capital of Austria-Hungary building to race the immigrants filling it: Germans; Jews; the Magyar whose finances had made it possible.

The columns, porticos and verandas, fences and trees this night shot into his eyes. The city made him high, once. Lajos and Sandor were named after the heroes of the Hungarian Revolution. The soldier and the poet on the steps of the National Museum, but Ignacz could not wait for this damnable city to wake up.

‘My father’s home, accursed!’ he thought.

He threw his head up into space. A beautiful arrangement of stars he let lead him off course for they spread and spiralled in every direction. Clear as destiny, sure and true. He reeled into a side avenue, awed by their surround.  At the end of Tannhauser the pilgrims, knowledgeable of who had been in Venusberg, had a line which Ignacz uttered aloud. “In this holy hour of night, the Lord hath manifested himself through a miracle.”

Though sparking the stars climbed down to the stodgy black fences, greasy cobblestones, raising it all. They joined, with his silvery entourage of eye-floaters, combusting, and he saw them connect; in his head he heard Mahler’s production of Siegfried,

“The air is aflame! Shining my pathway opens before me!”


Ignacz The Watch Thief is serialised five days a week. To donate go to and access four advance chapters, commentaries and bonus art.


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