The Daniel O’Donnell Podcast: Episode 1

A brand new feature! Two scatter-brained friends on the roads of County Donegal review the sights they’ve seen, and verbalise excrement as the sun shines out of their asses.

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In this first episode, Sarah and Andy review ‘Shaun the Sheep: The Movie’, along with the small seaside town of Bundoran, near Ballyshannon. Sarah loses her podcast virginity and Andy loses his Donegal virginity. Discussion includes new concrete versus old concrete, knocking over rabbits, internet fame and ghost stories, as well as the first of our regular 10-minute outros. This podcast was recorded at night, which explains why the sound quality sucks boke. (20 minutes)

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Sarah and Andy talk about an 80s/90s fundraiser in aid of NI Children’s Hospice, taking place at the Westville in Enniskillen this weekend. (3 minutes)

Download this episode (right click and save)

One thought on “The Daniel O’Donnell Podcast: Episode 1

  1. Wonderfully folkish podcast, Diane. Highly recommend a listen if you’re ever in this net of the interneck. However, be advised: steer clear of the ill-informed talk of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – for twenty-odd years it was screened every Friday night at The Classic Cinema in Harold’s Cross, not every three months (or once a year, even) in a Tallaght venue. Not only has the cinema now closed, but the actual building was razed to the ground some years back.

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