24 Hour Comics: What the hell was I thinking?

As you maybe know, I’ve done pretty good out of the 24 hour comics experience. Gran, Absence, Don’t Get Lost, each very personal. The fourth one was produced last October at Farset Labs. I’m very happy with how it turned out, the mercurial speed required this time, tapping my strength for quick dialogue. The two pages below are typical of how many words I was cramming on those pages. I don’t intend publishing this one as a comic. I gotta have something I can sell, right?

I did promise I would post a few pages though. The comic has a sitcom quality to it, as based on my experiences with Occupy Belfast. In particular, a very real run-in with BBC NI’s shock-jock, Stephen Nolan. So, as they say in the circus, without further ado, here’s a sample from ‘Occupied: Mixed Up Media’.

Occupied - 24hr comic

I promise, it gets inked. Last night, I signed a contract with Studio NI for a very different story featuring Occupy, and zombies; that should appear over the Summer.

Full strips from the Farset Labs session available:

Paddy Brown: A Personal Narrative
Ellie Rose McKee: The Adventures of Captain Customer Service


Paddy and I agreed this would be our last 24 hour bout, as we’re not young men anymore. Then again, we said that the time before and time before that. I think there’s got to be a happy medium of form that lets us crank out a lot of pages quickly and doesn’t break our souls. Look out for the 20 hour comic challenge later this year?




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