Well, my voice is back, my health is emergency-free, and I’m making a concerted effort to return to writing. There’s little to announce in new projects. Oh, there’s TitanCon. Yes, TitanCon is back this year, after feeling it was pretty much the last one in 2014. Phil has planned Joe Abercrombie for popular author guest, and Pat Cadigan, Ian McDonald and Peadar O Guilin are all making a return. I’m planning to pitch Phil (working title) ‘GameofThronesy, GameofThronesy, GameofThronesy’, a comic condensed theatrical which I scripted last year. Next job is recruiting a few actors, and the buoyant Pebble is already up for it, which bodes well.

I guess the big news is that I’ve settled on going self-employed as an author come July 1st. ‘Don’t quit your day job’, they say, but my day job is working to claim my next JSA benefit, so I think I qualify as an exception.

rockford - writers pay

It’s mostly back-end stuff at present: reading a bunch of Wagner librettos to re-write the book-ends of my graphic novella and the re-pitch, and re-writing the ending on my piece for the Belfast Writers Group anthology. I do have some travel writing in the can, three monologues (a triologue?), and a series of camp pulp thriller ebooks to call on.

Of Belfast Writers Group, they get a lovely write-up courtesy of Donald Swain at Culture Hub Magazine, and interview with our facilitator Lynda into the bustle of it all.

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