Huge Spoilers for Walking Dead Spin-Off



Daryl is the spin-off from AMC’s The Walking Dead, greenlit by A. C. Coffay November 2013. Norman Reedus stars in the title role, with Melissa McBride and Michael Rooter, reprising their roles as Carol and Merle respectively. Logan rounds out the cast as Daryl Junior. The series runs simeoultaneously with the Series 5 of Walking Dead.


The series follows Daryl’s departure at the end of the The Walking Dead (Season 4), reuniting with Carol Peletier. With his son and zombie brother, they live in a caravan on the edge of a bear forest: well furnished, and outside covered in wee. The steps of the home are made of brick which he uses to chop things on. There would be a lot of chopping – wood, metal, bacon, plastics. The group remain in the caravan until the mid-season break, “Underneath the Bridge”.


The show is produced by Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont and showrunner Ed Wrankler. A communications oversight caused the show to lose it’s original title, Daryl on Arrival. The name instead was given to the pilot episode and after the hiatus, the live talk show hosted by Chris Hardwick.

The four year old Logan’s hair was perfectly combed to match Reedus, and his chin. Michael Rooter’s phrase, “Bruggh Fckprk Arsss”, became a breakout meme of 2014.

It is the first show to use a consumible product consultant Sonya Weenikiller. [citation needed]

“Ambition” in which Reedus sings “Welcome To The Jungle” surpassed The Walking Dead episode [citation needed] with viewing figures of 89 million. [citation needed] The show met criticism from it’s lessening focus on zombies [citation needed] but was generally praised [citation needed], although several guests from the pilot show made brief appearances including Danai Gurira and David Morrissey [citation needed]

Episode No. Title Synopsis
01 Daryl On Arrival Daryl is on the road with his friend, Jean (Michelle Pfeiffer), who reveals her son is theirs. They unite with Carol at her caravan, but Daryl is sad Merle can’t be there to see young Junior. The woman help him dig up Merle’s body. Carol teaches Daryl to sow using his special bacon thread, and Merle is reanimated. However, a zombie attacks and eats Jean before Merle bites it through the bum. Merle then attacks Carol and Daryl cries. He doesn’t attack blood family and Carol arranges to visits him in The Paddock. As time passes, the family get a brown labrador called Hound who links his chin. Daryl insists that the family live in his treetop biouvac house. Carol is sad. He builds a smaller biouvac for Merle and she is sadder so he sees she is right. They relocate to the caravan.
02 Digital Fortress Daryl brings home bacon but is sad so he sets out to fix television. He gets back Cult Movies (screening Clint Eastwood and Scoresese films), and Fox Kids, which are having an X-Men cartoon marathon. Eventually television falls off again, but before that Daryl decides he will fix the internet. Daryl, Carol and Merle fall out over whether Twitter should be switched back on. Merle has to be put on a choke chain, although is still allowed to run free sometimes.
03 Thanksgiving Daryl decides he will break the Guinness record and goes looking for the longest strip of bacon ever. While he is stuck in a particularly dense forest, the group plays football. When it is kicked into a zombie bowl, they combine their efforts to get it back out. Daryl brings back deer for dinner with honeyed berries wrapped in bacon.
04 Submarine Daryl and Hound find a submarine and using torchlight, they get it started and find a healthy pig in there. Carol becomes abusive with Junior at the sight of a helicopter in the sky. Junior and Merle conspire to put her in her own pit!
05 Merle’s Babies Hound alerts Daryl to Merle chasing a random baby through the grass, that he wants to eat. He and Daryl stop speaking. Carol teaches Junior about pirahnas and toothache. Daryl has a machete she calls the bacon peeler. Hound is left to reunite the brothers. They both bring Carol flowers. Daryl’s are the nicest.
06 Ambition Daryl and Carol get sad and Daryl leaves and finds a juggernaut big-rig. Carol leaves Merle to push Junior in his stroller, and steals a fire-truck. Daryl sings and there is almost a crash with Merle and Junior in the middle. Merle’s zombie brain crashes Junior into a ditch, saving his life.
07 Christmas The family decorate Daryl’s tree with zombie bits shaped which they hacksaw into the shape of baubles, novelty trees and boxes and bacon strips. Carving, they explain to Daryl Junior the meaning of Xmas with tales of their lives before the zombie outbreak. Carol tells of the time she and Sofia got covered in cake mix but used it to trap and humiliate a burglar. Daryl tells of the time he was drinking beer and woke up in a rabies babies animal sanctuary and how it broke his heart to kill that giraffe. Merle’s story makes less sense, but Daryl translates to explain that Merle set fire to a department store.
08 Underneath The Bridge Carol is alarmed when she learns Merle and Junior are missing. Hound tracks their scents to a lakeside cabin were smokers Tog (Charles Baker) and Toe (David Costabile) have Merle in a trap. Daryl learns the men are living without bacon and flips out.  However, they tell him Junior is in the lake and he calms down and wrestles an alligator. Carol suggests he use his submarine and they locate Junior under a waterfall at the gates of Atlantis. The Atlanteans tell them that people are like bacon to zombies and invites them in to share cheesecake and a selection of wines. However Hound (who has a fear of water), will have to remain outside and Daryl cannot do that to his son. Tog and Toe depart with Daryl’s group.
09 Enter The Dragon Months have passed between new episodes. Daryl climbs inside a mountain volcano and ends up in a cave where a dragon keeps a pack of bacon smokes under it’s wings. The Family must pitch a tent at the base to retrieve and defeat it. Tog dies in the attempt and Toe is injured, but Daryl comes back with the smokes.
10 Bacon Sandwich of Doom The crew find a log cabin. Daryl paints it. Toe dies from a urinary infection. Hound tries to help but dies of doggy death. Auntie Michonne (Danai Gurira) arrives from the prison.
11 Mandatory Maintenance The Governor (David Morrissey) becomes Akela to some boy scouts. No regular cast members are featured in this episode.
12 The Vendetta of The Governor The Governor kills the scouts. Return of regular cast in last five minutes. The Governor hides explosives on the backs of their clothes. Then he gets to a brilliant hill view and gets Daryl, Carol, Merle and Michonne in crosshairs of a laser rifle. We see him perfect the focus. It’s definitely going to happen. He’s going to kill one or two people minimum.
13 Happy Birthday Junior Carol must subject Junior to neglect to cover up birthday love surprise while the boys shop but it is at odds with what she wants. The infant is put at risk from a reanimated Hound. Auntie Michonne brings Junior a gift of shruiken stars. Merle steals a car. However, the Governor shows up and tries to sabotage the traps. Then he steals hares. Nobody gives a fuck much because Daryl has made his son a bacon cake. They have a nice party. Michonne and Daryl do pinatas before she goes home.
14 Close Quarters The Governor moves in to a log cabin across the street. It’s mostly soggy cardboard boxes with old paint tins. He spits on the floor. He is outside painting his cabin. Daryl is forced to give his a second coat.
15 Paint Your Cabin! Wars of staring and sneering increase as both groups paint. The Governor growls against teak but Daryl has a darker stain.
16 Candles and Smoke Daryl reveals that his paint mix contains bacon. The Governor cries and yells that he will leave and get his own beans. Then he does that. Everyone goes to sleep for the final thirty minutes.

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