KROTEKK! (Comic: With Gary Parkin)

krotekk 1

krotekk 2

krotekk 3Ninja and Warrior were members of the superhero team The Peacekeepers which featured in the five issue Hero comic by Gary Parkin, who was fifteen years old when he was self-publishing the series back in 1997.  He was also self-publishing Fuzzball, a children’s comic fit for adults about a ball of fuzz that enjoyed playing football. The story above came from Hero and The Peacekeepers #1 (1999?), and was one of two stories I wrote for Gary, with the rest of the book being about the fate of lead character Hero. These were the first multi-page comics another artist drew for me. Of course, the story makes little sense to me now. Much like REM’s first album Murmur, were many words were indecipherable, I was aware I was setting out my first words on a semi-career and chose them playfully. KROTEKK! KROTEKK! And look how pretty the pictures are.


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