Flashfic: Five Scenes

Five Scenes


A fellow named William had murdered there in the 16th Century.


The screen of the laptop had tinier screens by the top with user camera feeds: below, one for still pictures to be uploaded, and a text box for typed words.


“I think”, said Dan getting into his sear, “this place is haunted.”


In Dorset, a smile spread over Gareth’s lips and he chuckled. “You what?” laughed the Asco worker, still in his shop fleece.


“Seriously?” asked Judy candidly from Clwyd.


Dan looked into the camera.

“I was just in the kitchen and one of the hobs was on six. I haven’t had a bite to eat all day. And get this, Shadow, Shadow, I took him out for a walk and he didn’t go. He’s just peed in there!”

He gestured, but the others in the private Multicam Webchat could only see him and his living room, and each other.


Jonas was strangely silent, more remote. His faced lacked involvement. And then the young Larne man’s eyes flickered on and seemed to engage with Dan’s tale. Some spirit was possessing those eyes.


“He’s a puppy, of course he’s going to wet everywhere!” said Gareth.


Even Judy had to laugh at that one. “Dan!”


“And if you aren’t going to make dinner you shouldn’t have split up with your girlfriend”, he added.


There were other details from him though: the house was four hundred years old, a few mysterious deaths on the property and some odd noises plaguing set hours.


Just then, a new image appeared on the screen. Where still pictures were shared, Dan clicked to enlarge it. There he saw himself, in the leather sofa of that big old house. The walls were filled with poltergeists, a green ectoplasm, a monstrous being with a sailor hat made entirely from marshmallows and Dan Akroyd. Behind him were Ben Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Yoda, and with them in this circle of protection, Samuel L. Jackson, his eyes full of righteous fury. Dan laughed and when he clicked on the picture again, he could see the web-cam chat room once more. There were three empty chairs.


Jonas shot up from ground below and Judy’s hair dangled over her upturned face from above making Dan jump. Then a tall headless man in an Asco top wandered into Gareth’s living room and sat down.



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