Rent-able Personal Minion


Emergency conquered! Thanks to all my friends who re-tweeted, shared and offered advice, and especially the man who helped me out of the muddy puddle.

I should probably keep minioning, but my patron has first priority. There might be something new in this space in the next few hours!


After a week of personal hell, I’m now facing an emergency money shortage. I’m not sure were it went as I budgeted carefully, but am almost out of electric.  I’m loathe to borrow. It’s always off the same people, and I almost always get it back the following week, but still, I’m sure they are sick to the back teeth of me. 

There’s still stuff you can buy off me in the art shop and the book and dvd shop or the irish comics shop.

But for now, provided you can Paypal or bank transfer in the next 10 hours, I am your rent-able personal minion.

Costs £5 per hour, £3.50 per hour for those on a low income, unemployed. Bartering acceptable.

Travel costs must include a minimum £10 hire and be paid in advance.

Hosting costs incur an extra £1.50.

Paypal to or email for personal bank electronic transfer details.

Things I am really good at:

writing stories that will take you to a set location, or through a time or place, 

teaching (humanities) and study aids


project management,

CUDDLES and maybe some petting.


i’m good at using crayons AND colouring pencils, ink black pens, some felt tips

time to be cute,

fresh social media progression

i’ll also harvest data and research


and if it’s socially ethical I will plot to over-throw a dictator.

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