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Alright. I have bills and I need to sell something, so I’ll be updating this post between now and 10pm UK time, or through the night if that’s what it takes. Scroll down, there’s some new free content here.

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Currently selling:

Supergods by Grant Morrison [SOLD]

Big 400 page paperback about a wee fella who likes to read comics for like sixty years, made all the more interesting as he regularly travels to dimensions made from corn flakes, talks to giants of the psyche like Mr. Crunch, the Peanut Butter Deity. Some of its really quite beautiful and it’s hard not to be enthused. £4.00 UK / $6.00 US for the two issues (incl. P & P)

Update: 5 hours later, arse,.

Update: Still stuck for cash. Going to lie down for 40 minutes to re-charge and re-think my strategy.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #7-#8

Written by John Barber, Issue 7 has a brilliantly compact twisted tale of stealth technology in a narrative as elaborate as trying to find one of those 16-picture sliders hidden in a maze garden behind a wedding plan. It’s cleverly paced and smartly thought out, set among the backdrop of a peacetime Cybertron ruled by President Bumbebee and his VP, Starscream.  But thats just by the by. This is not only better than The West Wing, it’s almost as good as Watchmen. It’s also welcoming to new readers. Issue 8 boasts dinobots, but very little happens in it. £2.00 UK / $4.00 US for the two issues (incl. P & P)

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Volume 2 (IDW, 124 pages)

I used to read the comics of the transformers when Simon Furrierman used to (w)rite them and he was great but James Roberts brings a fresh approach that is faithful yet progressive. There’s a dark horror seeping from all his work – dripping acid from quarantined medbays, psychotic bastards on the loose. In this series, a small craft of mostly Autobots have left Cybertron, but they’re a ramshackle bunch wittily quipping and squabbling their way through space. Probably best read from Vol.1, nonetheless there’s two complete stories here with an epic feel. And Alex Milne and Nick Roche don’t draw them like those dicks in the Michael Bay films with spikes everywhere and massive breasts bigger than their heads. No, these are real transformerbots, 1980s sir. £4.00 UK / $6.00 US (incl. P & P

Notes From A Defeatist by Joe Sacco

Sacco is a vital but heavy read of a comixer no doubt, but this ragtag of B-sides, unreleased recordings and synagogues on serviettes delivers tales from Sacco’s days touring with a band, delving into the Spanish Civil War, his first delvings into Voyages to the Bottom of The Library, Palestine, Kuwait and Eight Characters, a humourous and inventive Clowes-esque imagineering. The book is about 220 pages and published by Jonathan Cape, 2003 edition. £6.00 UK / $12.00 US (incl. P & P)


A reminder that I am doing commissions, which is how I came up with Unicorns and Obama’s Bum. And if I’ve drawn a picture of you lately, make a donation and leave your address. I’ll try to get the original out to you.


Wolfpack: A Marvel Graphic Novel by Larry Hama and Ron Wilson

This was the  1987 graphic novel laid out in 3 x 22 page chapters, the past tense edition to the 12-issue mini-series that filled up 10p bins everywhere. Actually, the series was pretty good. This is the set-up story: about five teenagers of Jim Steranko High who get in shit and don’t go to school. That’s because they’re actually ninjas, from a millenial old war with The Hand, a millenial old evil ninja cult. Look I’ll give it to you straight. If you buy this from me I’ll write a whole academic journal length review about it which will be exclusively yours, not for the reprint. £2.00 UK / $3.00 US (incl. P & P)


Transmetropolitan: The New Scum by Warren Elis and Darrick Robertson

This is Book 4 of the series, although the wonderful style means you can start anywhere, right now.  It’s about Hunter S. Thomson if he lived in a techno-future with the best graffiti. It has evil politicians, unstable literary agents, drugs and observations from the edge of the seat that resonate through the ages. Insightful and witty.  £4.00 UK / $6.00 US (incl. P & P)


Star Trek: New Frontier by Peter David

Peter David seems like a lovely big fella. He has a way with the wit and imaginative thoughtful stories with a strong vison like that Josh Weeding or Simon Furrierman. New Frontiers is a sort of Star Trek bootleg sessions, like if the five great crews each showed up at the studio by accident and thought they may as well have some ice cream and jelly, so theres this mad bastard called Captain Mackenzee who has a scar and likes to blow his enemies up. Shelby, his second in command, fought The Borg in Star Trek The Next of the Generations), but she doesn’t think that’s funny.  Anyway, everyone is fighting after some big empire went down so this renegade Starfleet Mackenzeee has to sort it out and hilarity ensues. Also theres a hermaphrodite, a brainiac, a brick shit-house security geezer and two vulcans beginning with S, also from TNG.

Books 5 -13 each for £2.00 UK / $4.00 US  (P & P incl.) and maybe we can sort you out a bulk discount. Guide here. Paypal


I’ve just been reminded I recently completed a one hour A5 piece called 20 Unicorns on a Skateboard. People seem to like it. £3.50/$5.00 (w. p&p) seem fair?

20 unicorns on a skateboard

And the aforementioned Cameron Crawls Out Of Obama’s Bum.

20 second sketches - Obama CameronWill send you that for £1.75/$3.50 or get it the original in the cheaper mini-sketches pack.


Iraq: Operation Corporate Takeover

An original graphic novel by Sean Michael Wilson and Lee O’Connor, produced in association with War on Want. Nah, not really my cup of tea this, not enough story flow, awkward but here’s why you should spend £2.00 UK / $4.00 US  (P & P incl.) on it. I’m really happy there’s a comic like this out there. I mean, more people need to be fighting the good fight, using two fingers to project the corrupt onto a big screen so the rest of us can point at them. There are a lot of blocks of text, and it is well researched so this probably works well for winning arguments, or just before praying. Simply find the suitable visual and read the accompanying text. Kimota! You’re Alan Moore now.

Hard Times (Wordsworth Classics)

Charles Dickens’ Hard Times is much more genius than any of the 1,000 adaptations of oh whats that Christmas one were the woman turns into a moth? Great Expectations? Yeah, thats a piece of shit, even Gillian Anderson says so. Hard Times is like The Wire but with clowns, the fattest fucking sideburns you ever read about, coal, inkpot holed tables, and shoe-horns.  It’s about the education gap, the class system, gender struggles, the infirmities of age, christ, there’s just too much to go into. Fucking read it. £2.00 UK / $4.00 US  (P & P incl.)

Star Suckers (DVD)

Somewhere between Charlie Brooker and Mark Thomas, Chris Atkins lives – recording Max Clifford talking about huge salaries, journos trying to get medical records and encouraging students to phone the News of the World and get £250 for telling them Amy Winehouse singed her hair on a toaster. Released in 2010, Star Suckers is a punch-the-bully comic expose of celebrity obsessed media, and an exploration of fame addiction. Busting with extras, you’d be an eejit not to want to see this. No you would. £3.00 UK / $5.00 US  (P & P incl.)

The Maltese Falcon (2 Disc Special Edition)

I love this film even though it does not taste of Maltese biscuits. The Bogie Man is getting shit from his friend and client Mary Astor and then there’s Peter Lorre who plays a small pixie and does a dance of the devil and Sydney Greenstreet as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. Everyone is looking for a bird and a big pile of newspapers and it’s got some behind the scenes documentaries. But look, buy this and I’ll include a wee handwritten note with some exclusive stories I gathered about the film which are not included in the bonus features.
£4.00 UK / $6.00 US  (P & P incl.)

Escape to Victory

Pele, Caine and Stallone kick the footie really hard so that it will create a tunnel out of a German POW camp. My DVD (Region 2) says it comes with a free England flag, which it didn’t. But I’m not disappointed as they’ve had those for hundreds of years and I can get one any old time I like.
£2.00 UK / $3.00 US  (P & P incl.)

Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith (Titan Books, 2005) – £2.00 UK / $3.00 US  (P & P incl.)

 A typical thing he might say is “i’m kevin smith. when i was kevin smith last year i was big ho hoho and then, I am Kevin Smith. Would you like a Jason Mewes toy? It reminds me of the time I was Kevin Smith.

At the shop. (visuals)

12 Bag of Dicks £20
13 Mini-Sketches £10-£20 – now includes the unseen Cameron Crawls Out of Obama’s Bum.
Dark Knight Returns Cover £15
16 Pork Chops £15
2 Bonfire Harm Done To Shrubbery  £10
3 Kick! 30p
Hold the Phones, It’s Alex Jones 89p
I’m a Celebrity poster £3

Xmas Cards – £1.50, four for £5, ten for £10.
You can also pre-order copies of this year’s Panto Xmas Card Comic.
For a limited time I’ll be including with each order over a £5 a free WW1 Truce card or a Matt Smith Who card. Orders over £10 get both.

More info at the shop.

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