Mondo 50

I’m in Ballycastle today: Everyone says hello to you here. No-one returned my calls, but they’re brilliantly helpful. Not much of a writer’s holiday though. Jobseeker’s sneakers, there’s an outdoor gym, an adult’s play park. A cake coastline and this evening the sun set and transformed the rock (an inverted titanic) into a salmon colour.
Booking for Rathlin Island was hard, and I’m down for Monday. The Backpacker’s hostel on the sea-front is ace but I want to keep moving. So, Ballintoy tommorrow and back this way on Monday.

The first time I tried drawing someone else’s characters, for the underground comic Mondo on Issue 50, back in about 1998-99. Some people liked my drawing then, so knock yourselves out!

mondo 50

Mondo (Britain’s Best Comic) was published and edited by Lee Davis, with work by Tim James, Tim Rees and a bunch of others. There’s talk of it’s return, and an active Facebook stripbloggy page.

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