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Fearing a breakdown on his 40th birthday, the author resolved to create and share one new piece with the web every day. This has produced Oxford Zombies, a giraffe lighthouse, MPs with penises on their heads (as they do), a slew of flash-fic and a travel comic. But at the halfway mark Andrew’s discontent grows. And now the continuation…

Hello Blogobbler,

A while ago I got an idea into my head. With my travel saver card I could bus to cheap hostels around Northern Ireland.  I’m not sure how this got in. I’m too old for hostels, and promised myself to try and leave Northern Ireland in 2015. But I’m going to have a go. I was due to leave yesterday but had run out of tablets. An emergency perscription was sorted out and I took the time to think beyond me staring at a timetable and taking the next bus to go.

So, this morning I’m beginning my mystery holiday by going to Ballycastle and if I’m lucky, Rathlin Island afterwards. I’ll blog and photograph, but as Rathlin is very remote I’d be surprised if I can get wi-fi access there.

 I’m still not sure why this particular expression of rest. A mission of tolerance seeking redemption for Northern Ireland and hostels in general? Either way, I’ve exhausted myself and need a rest. 

FuzzyInspired by Grant Lee Buffalo’s 1992 song, Fuzzy.


I’ve just gotten into Ballycastle, greeted by:



Still waiting for a reply to my email from Rathlin, so we’ll see…

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