Did I ever tell you about the time I was addicted to telephone chat lines?

Alchemist 12This comic originally saw print in Issue 12 of The Alchemist, way back in 2000.  The Alchemist was edited and published by David Hobden and had a lovely art-book feel to it.. There featured quite a bit of work by Scottish punk psychic cartoonist John Miller, as well as Daryl Cunningham, Peter Poole and others.

Dek Baker was a bit of an underground sensation at the time, mainly Wargods of Atlantis and it’s spin-offs attracting a hardcore of Kirbyites and Golden Age yarn-spinners. Stuart Luke had guested on my own hub comic, Bob’s, which I suppose was fairly popular in and of itself. He may have been responsible for some of the lettering and inking here, although I don’t remember too well. Anyway, here it is.

Petra 01 Petra 02 Petra 03 Petra 04 Petra 05 Petra 06 Petra 07 Petra 08 Petra 09 Petra 10

Petra 11 Petra 12 Petra 13 Petra 14


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