99: Bounce! Big Drum and Chocky

I’m hard engaged in some stuff today.

Have just come from the Arts and Disability Forum drumming for a shared future event in the grounds of the city hall. It runs until 4pm, then the launch party for Karen Forrester’s Madness In Mind exhibition.

Photo: Kevin Molloy

Madness in Mind

A bit Tori Amos jigsaw puzzle. That runs for 5-7pm.

There’s now a @adfBounce Tweet feed

I’ll not stay the duration as I’m off to Farset Labs for the Belfast Bloggers MeetUp. There’s about twenty bloggers in all confirmed and I’ll probably speak for 5-10 minutes off about something…event development and promotion, or this one-a-day creative working on here.

So, I promised you Chocky.


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