Birthday Sketches II

My memories , well, they’re what Donald Bellisario might call “swiss cheese”. I remember seeing James Shaddock about campus at Oxford Brookes, were he stood in the student’s union elections. I can’t recall if we knew each other by name, but he was always friendly and amiable. I’ve been watching his social media feed for a while and it’s often funny and astute. Glad to have you around James and happy birthday!


After trying to draw an expressionistic Mr Shaddock I came out with a sketch resembling a troll, a sketch I have now eaten, pooped and composted. Above, in a fancy tux from a wedding (James’ wedding maybe?), and a bowtie I added. But it was still too copied from photo, so I went for something earthier, that David Lynch just-out-of-bed look.

Shaddock 2


Gonzalo Balderrama added me on Facebook and besides the clues offered up on there, I have never met him, chatted with him, or the like. Oh well. Happy birthday Mr. Balderrama.

Gonzalez test


Gonzalo Balderrama


Yesterday, I tried to draw Paul Rainey, and as his Book of Lists kept me company through a painful spot on the loo, I figured I’d have another crack (excuse the pun)

Paul Rainey


Book of Lists is deceptively small and £11 odd yet packed with so much material t’s entirely worth it. Buy it at Page 45.

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