Birthday Sketches




I’ve been realising my limitations yesterday. Epilepsy & Hot Weather = Does not want to blog, unable to attain consciousness.


It’s very sad. Sometime in 2015 or maybe before, I’m resolved to leaving Northern Ireland. It’s not that long really.I could do with the liberation.


I’d an excellent time here last week blogging Late Night Art. 


I’m also on the look-out for a Belfast or Northern Irish artist to draw a 7 page zombie comic: back-end payment, photo reference, veteran UK editor.


Anyhoo, some friends of mine have birthdays and I thought I’d draw pictures. Yesterday:

James Downey


Mercurial comedy sneak, expressionist and socialite. Currently doing the rounds on the NI actors extras acting circuit.

Nigel Lowrey: Illustrative muscle-man responsbile (with others) for The Jock, the long-running British comic of the late 1990s about resistance DJs in a big brother state. A precursor to Phonogram I suppose. Nige was very productive, producing detailed pages, and looks to be annoyingly modest. Happy birthday chum!

Nige Lowrey


Today it’s Ashish Arora’s birthday. I’ve met Ashish a half dozen times and it was very hot. I was drunk too. He’s a fun guy.



Ashish 1

I got annoyed when I felt I hadn’t drawn him well, so I tried it again.
Ashish 3


Sketch for Paul Rainey


Paul Rainey: Highly prolific UK cartoonist, currently making a long-running easy-going comic that is both Coronation Street and Doctor Who at the same time. Please please treat yourself to some Thunder Brother Soap Division.

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