Arrangements: Underwater Billiards

Underwater Billiards of the Courageous Mayhem anthology has, our editor Gar tells me, been well received.

Not wishing to spoil it for those who have not bought the book, arrangement is very important in the strip.

Hey, why not buy the book now? Read it and return. And if you’ve done so, just scroll past this advert.

Buy Courageous Mayhem Euro Link for iPad format eBook  (£2.43) and Deluxe Print Editions (£20+)

Courageous Mayhem (UK Link) – Regular Print Edition, £5 plus 50p postage,

PDF Format – £2.53 / 3 euros – takes you straight to download page.

So yes, I’m glad people said they liked it. Just as well really, as I worked my nuts off on it. I  used photos lifted from Flickr users, guerilla explorers and crap tabloids, and through study managed to approximate a map laying out where each photo went. I then tried to use the map (below) as my main reference so the  first two pages of the story could sit together. The tale didn’t run across the way in print, our editor preferring to offer the pages up as separate steps for turning on the journey around the estate. Check out the similarities with the finished strip.

The House to The Island - Map E

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