Girl With Bangs

Ducky writes something alike,

‘Draw me a girl, she’s really thin,with short shorn hair so she looks like a boy and she’s square, and she has square eyes and she bangs.
Clarfied: Yes she is square as opposed to a square, she also has a Motorhead T-Shirt.’

Bang GirlFeeling on the edge of very neglected today, something that has been building for a while. It’s not simple neglect, it’s complicated. I have specific needs not being met! Ask me if you’re following through! Or maybe its only because I slept all day.  I might want to talk to the doctor. I definitely have an odd fatigue problem connected to epilepsy and to other stuff, and I need help managing it.

Very keen about meeting up with Neill Stringer later in the week for a creatives-fun meet.

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