178: The Super Science of Sir Reginald Part 4

Last September I began work full-time as a script-writer for visual arts, specifically comics. Placed on the mandatory steps for work scheme for the jobless, I took the option to register as self-employed, formulating business plans, recording balance sheets, sourcing funding…doing everything but creating. Then, I met The Asshole. The Asshole could well exist in every career. I’ve spent many years around, and I’ve met The Comics Industry Asshole one too many times. I loved comics, but I lost compassion for The Asshole.

I’m not attempting a career path with this Sir Reginald piece. If I was working professionally, I’d not want to draw a strip, about a zombie or adventure fiction generally. We can tell it’s not pro quality, I tell you I am not comfortable labelled ‘illustrator’.  What I am doing is co-creating and developing something with a very special friend. Co-working from social relations, it’s what Bernie DeKoven calls fun theory when he talks about playing well together. Ben Stone is a self-made creator with a cult following: that’s probably the bonus that makes this more sense.

You can read Parts 1-3 of the story from this link. End nau, the kan-klu-zen,

sir reginald 4

sir reginald 5



More Sir Reginald at Benjamin Stone’s Livejournal feed, more about Stone Robot Enterprises at Nadja’s, and my thanks again to surprise model, Reggie Chamberlain-King.

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