183: Surprise Comic Part 1

sir reginald 1Waay back (maybe) in 2008, popster Ben Stone’s livejournal got an open source script for his character, Sir Reginald. Eric F Myers beat me to this comixing by a few years, but I dug the script out while house cleaning, and so….
Reginald, to my mind, is Thomas Carnacki by way of John Constantine, or perhaps Malcolm Tucker. Visually, my new interpretation of him is not too far from Ben’s if I recall, and it so happens very similar to Reggie Chamberlain-King, Belfast writer and member of Northern Ireland’s fine edutainment export, The Wireless Mystery Theatre.Not so much coincidence as ELDRITCH.
Also starring Vinnie Jones and the Oxford Natural History Museum.
Pages 2-3 are almost done, will up them tomorro!

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