Jane O’ Sullivan – Countdown to Dublin Zine Fair (Minus 24 hrs)

This weekend I’ve been interrupting artists at work as they prepare for the Dublin Zine Fair at 6 Grand Street Street (near Capel), in the Smithfield are of Dublin. And as you read this, I’ll probably be in transit with my chauffeur Mr. Brown, a man who resembles Bill Bailey’s actual Klingon pure bloodline, but has the romantic soul of The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon. Transmitting two places at once, myself and exhibiting artist Jane O’ Sullivan decided to see if we couldn’t project some directions.

‘All of Me’, an excerpt from ‘the only truth is love’, Jane’s new book made specially for the zine fair.

‘All of Me’, an excerpt from ‘the only truth is love’, Jane’s new book made specially for the zine fair.

Hi Jane. You’re attending the Fair next weekend at the SupaFast Building in Smithfield. How would you introduce yourself and your work to someone at the event who has never heard of you before?

well it always feels a real an honour to be on the outside so to speak. My work comes from a very contemplative sort of private world and in the main I would not have been in the position to actually meet people , having shown in a gallery context before..
There is an isolation one can find themselves in within the fine art world, which made me want to make some of my work more accesible work.So I started to make artists books and zines to bring the innerworld ……OUTSIDE !

My main medium is drawing ,occasionally short films and limited edition books and zines.
I address the pain ,the awe inspiringness,the beauty and the wonder of life ,the inbetween moments , the bits you can never quite remember from a dream.

Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow from kaiju on Vimeo.

What can you tell us about your experience with these fairs and your relationship with the punters?

Straight off there is a completely underworld , sort of secret magic forest vibe to the atmostphere and aesthetics to both the dublin zine fair and the independants day fair, that is not commercial or hierarchical.
Its inclusive, challenging and hard to define (all great qualities)
The punters are superb people as they come and support all the artists and make our day by being totally receptive and love us loads(also they love to be part of something original , and bring something handmade and inspiring home with them)
It is a great relationship and lots of cool contacts are made as most of the punters are open toand involved themselves in the whole d.i.y aesthetic.

Forthcoming book, Words from Dolls

Forthcoming book, Words from Dolls

What are you looking forward to most about the event?

meeting other artists that I admire and I work with collaboratively(eg.elida maiques)
Mostly its the random chance meetings with people who see something in my work and that reminds me why I am an artist.
My need to communicate something that is beyond words…..when a person is moved , I am humbled and gladdened no end.
The work must have a meaning outside of the artist , it must fly.

Anything you’re dreading?

not having any change is a bit dreadful 😦

Jane’s artist book, Truth is My Identity

Jane’s artist book, Truth is My Identity


And finally – any message for the people out there, reading this, wishing that they too were a young, cool and sexy visual artist?

 Jane:Andy …you are having a laugh ! Lets just say that you just keep making your work , fail , fail , fail , and keep going . It is an artists role to be brave , to not fear mistakes,you turn up , tune in and get on with it. Finally always remember , life is short , it is happening (now)

More of Jane’s work at: www.janeosullivan.blogspot.com
Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow

I’ve been your host Andy Luke, a writer who draws, and I’ll be at the event making available my new work, The Moods of Prime. Come and get a copy, or have me bless your children.


The Dublin Zine Fair is managed by Sarah Bracken. Clicking on the image above will take you through to her website, Baby Beef Art Press.

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