Anto Dillon – Countdown to Dublin Zine Fair (4)

In preparation for the great self-publishing fair this weekend (11th-12th August), I’m running a series of interviews counting down to the event. I’ll be talking to comics creatives and publishers who don’t grab the headlines, but continue to produce quality regularly.


Two (reformed) pages from Cycling in Dublin, drawn by Anto McFly.

Hi Anto, hope you’re well!
I don’t really know you. Everyone I know, knows you.  ”Loserdom,” some say, “it’s been running for twenty years and it’s brill. And you Andy, you still spend too much time masturbating over your Zoids collection.” Bearing in mind there are others out there who masturbate while thinking about Zoids, Brevilles and Sinclair C5s….ah no wait. I’ll start that sentence again. How would you introduce yourself and your work to someone at the SupaFast Building next weekend, someone who has never heard of you before? Does it has comix?

My name is Anto I produce Loserdom zine with my brother Eugene. We produced the first issue in June 1996. The production schedule is fairly sporadic, we’ve produced 22 issues of Loserdom altogether. We’re working on the next issue at the moment. Loserdom is a punk zine espousing the do-it-yourself philosophy, it features stories, articles, interviews with bands or different people who we like, find inspiring or might have something interesting to say.

I do most of the writing, while Eugene does the artwork and comics. There are comics in Loserdom they mostly feature the adventures of the Loser Bros (Anto and Eugene), either true life experiences or skits of various films. The last issue #22 featured a 28 page comic called The Punk Connection.



What can you tell us about your experience with these fairs and your relationship with the punters?

Anto:I’ve had stalls at various fairs over the last few years: the last Dublin Zine Fair, the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair, the Independents’ Day fair (which I’m involved in organising), Summer Edition, London Zine Symposium and a fair in Belfast. Doing stalls at fairs like these is a very enjoyable way to meet fellow zine and comic producers as well as people who might be interested in reading and buying Loserdom.

The Effects of Planet Of The Apes, by brother Eugene Dillon.

The Effects of Planet Of The Apes, by brother Eugene Dillon.

What are you looking forward to most about the event?


I’m looking forward to picking up new issues by other zine and comic producers, discovering new zines hopefully as well as meeting up with friends who I’ve known over the years of producing Loserdom, fellow producers themselves or perhaps enthusiasts/ supporters of D.I.Y./independent press.


Losercore Anarchy by Euguene

Losercore Anarchy by Euguene


Anything you’re dreading?

Nothing about the fair itself that I’m dreading, but I’m gonna miss my fifteen month old son Seán who I’m usually with every weekend and who won’t be in Dublin this weekend.

And finally – any message for the people out there, reading this, wishing that they too were a young, cool and sexy zinester?

Just do it! If you’re interested in producing comics or writing a zine, go ahead and do it. Don’t wait to perfect the first issue, spending months, years on it. The best thing is to get it out there, learn from it and get working on the next one.

You can read some of the Dillon Bros’ articles, comics and funny odds n ends at and keep a look out for them this weekend.


Click through for website

The questions in this interview were built from models supplied by London’s bounciest superhero, David Baillie.


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