Optimus and Me

Calendar date: Next weekend – Dublin Zine Fair, 10th-12th August. The SupaFast Building on Great Strand Street, Dublin 2. [Time]

Suspected comixers in attendance: Patrick Brown, Gar Shanley, Deirdre de Barra, Phil Barrett, Paddy Lynch and Hilary Lawler. Plus others I don’t know and hope to interview during the week for IrishComicNews.com

I’ll be premiering a new comic I’ve written, ‘Moods of Prime’. It’s the sequel to a story I came up with in 2003, and published in 2008. It’s not been available for free until now. Well, nothings for free. If you like this, tell five people. If you don’t like this, tell five people.


6 thoughts on “Optimus and Me

  1. Dryer than a guy dieing of thirst in the Atacama Desert who then decided to smoke some really strong weed with this dude he didn’t know very well who seemed a little off and made him feel paranoid which then caused him to get cotton mouth. Nice one Andy.

  2. […] a twenty-page colour mini-comic made during a fit of depression, about depression, empowerment, and imaginary Transformer friend,Optimus Prime. I’ll also be running The Magnificent Comic Book Factory, a workshop aimed at creating and […]

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