The Titanic Troubles Theme Park

I’ll be appearing as a guest at Q-Con, the Belfast Gaming and Anime Festival this weekend. The job is to assist PJ Holden and Stephen Downey with a 2000AD Comics Workshop. PJ has written a post here preparing his students for the Sunday morning session.

Gareth McKnight and Debbie McCormack of East Belfast run an enjoyable lo-fi comic called Don’t Panic!

With every mad jack hurling money around anyone with the sinking ship motif, I suggested they produce a Don’t Titanic comic.

Small press being what it is the projects running a spot late for an anniversary (although the spin-off shares scandal involving the Liberal government, ran for the better part of the year)

Anyhow, here’s the entry drawn by me, and co-written with Danny Pongo, adapted from his original blog post.

By Andy Luke and Danny Pongo

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